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Memorial created 12-28-2006 by
Henry Bleichert
Bailey and Gretchen Bleichert
June 16 1992 - August 15 2005

   In loving memory of our Gretchen Dee born 6/16/92 and left us on 8/15/05 and Bailey Hans born 11/13/94 and left us on 5/10/07 Gretchen you and Bailey are greatly missed and will be in our hearts forever. With love from mom and dad.

  You both fought hard to stay alive my babies.

In the end though, you could not conquer death.

But neither did death conquer you.

Death cures all diseases,mends all broken bones,

breaks all chains,

and made you free at last.

We miss you.


Bailey I made sure you got your favorite treat You enjoyed your ice cream one last time. I miss you

Gretchen Dee became part of our family when she was almost 3 years old.We had gone to the same breeder we got our other dog Bailey from. He was from her second litter. We discovered that she had been overbreed having three litters in 1 1/2 years and the third litter had all died.We had to have her spayed when we first got her as she would not stop bleeding from the last litter.We also found out she had a bad back shortly after she arrived. She had many problems while she was with us, the vet knew us well but despite all she went through she was always cheerfull.She enjoyed our walks,the birthday cupcakes they would always get on their birthdays,the special ice cream treats,and playing with her toys. Her one special toy was a small stuffed dog that would bark if it was squeezed.She would get it to bark and if we told her she was hurting it when she got rough with it she would lick it to make it better. She had skin problems, gland problems that caused her to gain weight even though she did not eat any more than Bailey but she did love to eat.Shortly after we had her back operated on she started having seizures which we were able to get controlled but it set her back and she lost most use of her one hind leg but that still did not stop her from enjoying life and being happy just to be with us.On that final day her lungs were filled up with fluid as she possibly had cancer we took her outside and as she walked around the yard one last time she took her time to smell all the flowers in the garden as if she knew this was her last time in the place she loved.She was a good girl right to the end and we held her as she went to rainbow bridge so she was not alone.We miss you sweety.


You never failed to amaze us with the things you did,and we always knew you were moms special girl,but on that day we first heard you say "mom" because she wasn't paying attention to you we thought it was a coincidence but when you did it many other times and we watched as you would say it we knew you would be mom's special girl forever. From Mom.


Come on mom and dad,let's go.

Gretchen You were my little bloodhound. I miss the times at camp when all I had to do was put a leash on you and say find mom and you took me to her every time. Mom could not hide from you sweetheart, and the walks in the park we would take when we were home.As the picture shows you were always the first one at the door ready to go. I miss it alot. Dad


Gretchen you came to me while I was sleeping one night and let me know you were able to run and play like you used to and although I only saw you for a couple seconds it helped me alot. I miss you.


I will never forget the one and only time you ever got mad at Bailey and bit him on the nose when he went for your food.He ignored you for a whole week even though you tried to make up with him. From that time on you let him have what he wanted and would switch bowls often as it seemed Bailey always thought yours was better. I bet Bailey is still switching bowls with you in heaven. Be good baby girl.


She is waiting for her treat.


you are now both together forever at rainbow bridge.

Gretchen you and Bailey were inseperable in life and always together. Even going to the vets together even if only one had to go. We took you two with us whenever we could and you both loved to go bye byes.


The male on the left is her son Bailey who has also passed away but had to use a doggy wheelchair as he had no use of his back legs due to a severe back injury. Gretchen Bailey has gone to rainbow bridge to meet you today 5/10/07.but I bet you already know this and the two of you are together again,Bailey is running with you again which is something he hasn't been able to do for half of his life and in no pain.I miss both of you and will see you again someday so be watching for mom and I.Bailey your wheelchair sits against the wall never to be used again as now you are free. I love you both. Dad


Her and Bailey loved to pose for the camera.


Gretchen was the queen of the house.


The colors are not off in this picture she wasn't able to breath very well.

This was on the day before she left us.Gretchen I know you are no longer in pain,and feeling better than you have ever felt.I know you will only feel your best though when we are all together again.On 6/16/1992 our little girl was born. Little did we know at that time that she would change our lives forever. On 8/15/05 Our little girl earned her wings after a lifetime of being the best companion that we could ever ask for. It was very peacefull and did not take long.When she left us she also took a little piece of us with her.Her pain is gone but our hearts ache and we hope she is patient, waiting and playing with Bailey till the time that we meet again for eternity and we make that walk across the bridge together never again to be seperated.


Gretchen we will be getting another little girl soon.Little Calie will never take your place as there will always be a special place in our hearts for you,but we are hoping she will help fill the emptiness we have felt with you gone.She will have a long way to go baby girl but we know you will be watching over her,and we will never forget you.But we know you are waiting for that time when we can all be together again forever Hugs and Kisses baby girl.


Gretchen little Calie is here and we can see alot of you in her.Maybe it was fate that we picked her out of all the ones we could have. You and Bailey watch over her for us.Miss you both. 5/10/07 A precious heart has stopped beating today. Even though I did not want it to go away. Maybe god has a purpose for him. Maybe he will guard the gates to heaven. Maybe he will just wait oh so patiently for his Dad and Mom to greet him. Whatever it is he has left the greatest of all things behind for us to cherish. The love and devotion you and Gretchen gave to us will be in our hearts forever, and when the time comes we will bring it back with us to be returned to you many times over. We love you Bailey and Gretchen. from Dad and Mom



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