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Memorial created 02-25-2013 by
Mona Stout
Ricki Roo
April 10 1997 - February 24 2013

In loving memory of our Ricki Roo.

Sweetest boy ... you were the bravest, most loyal, intrepid little soul, so determined to stay with us as long as you could ... and you did, for 13 wonderful years.

Nothing could dim your joyful spirit and dauntless optimism: Not the first three years of your life in desperate loneliness and hunger and fear as a caged commodity until you were set free; nor the horrible pain of a ruptured disk, the surgery to fix it, and the long recovery afterward when you had to learn all over again how to walk, at just age six; nor the onset of diabetes five years later, enduring daily shots of insulin as just a momentary interruption of your joy-filled days; nor even the complete darkness that fell over your vision, at just the time in your life when arthritic navigation was difficult all by itself.

You are still with me, my Roo, just in a different way. I say goodnight to you and touch the small box that contains the part of you that must remain on Earth. You were the best and dearest friend I've ever had, my little "velcro dog".

What a special pal you were to "Boss" and sissy and your little girl, too. Your personality filled every corner of the house. You gave us toe licks and paw washes and all the love of your strong, valiant Dachshund heart. The paw-prints you left all over our lives will always remain. 

Run and play, little boy, in that wonderful place where you wait for us. You didn't want to leave us and fought so hard to stay. It's going to be okay. We'll be together again, just like I promised you all those years ago when we found each other. And you are forever in our hearts.




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