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Memorial created 03-7-2013 by
Rachel Lavoie
May 16 2000 - March 5 2013

Loved to lay in the sunshine

In loving memory of my boy, Chance who  I love so much. Chance was a lovable, laughable dog, a gentle soul...a true friend and companion.  He brought much happiness and smiles to those who knew him well.  I am grateful for all of the years we spent together.  Chance and I were together through the losses of his buddies and mine too.  He was there for me especially through the loss our Mama.  It's comforting to know that they are together again...Mama is now taking care of him again. 


Chance at 6 weeks old, helping me prune in the garden!

He was quite the little character right from the start.  His nickname was "Dennis the menace!"  Usually found a way to get into some trouble, usually with his mouth.  He did it so innocently that it was hard to get angry at him.  Looking back it was quite endearing, although it didn't seem so then! 


Young adult

He grew into a fine young man!  Very handsome...


Master of his domain

Very distinguished adult.  This is his serious side. 


Doing what he does best, retrieving a food bag!

Silly side, loved to carry around those sample bags of dry dog food.  He would grab a bag to take along on a walk or even a swim!


I buried my boy today.  He is at rest in Pine Ridge Pet Cemetary in Dedham, Ma.   A very peaceful and respectful place of final rest.  We spent many times there and the surrounding area enjoying walks.  He is buried with his predeceasor, Chip, another wonderful Lab.  It's comforting to know that they are rest together.  Two terrific dogs, twenty five years total of love, experiences and companionship!  Rest in peace, my boys, until we meet again...Love you both


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