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Memorial created 03-19-2013 by
Dena Taylor
Peabo Brooks
February 11 2001 - March 18 2013

Our Handsome Peabo

It is another sad day…. We lost another one of our precious babies. We lost Peabo yesterday. He is the 3rd of the 4 musketeers in our family that we’ve lost. Peabo was the most humble and most loving of our doggies. Peabo had been fighting for quite some time with diabetes. We just were not able to get it under control. Yesterday he lost his battle. I remember looking into his sweet, sweet face Sunday and feeling so sad. He had lost so much weight that it saddened me to see him like that. He still had the most gentle eyes. Peabo could look at you and make you melt. He would ensure you that he was the kindest dog alive. One of the most memorable things about Peabo that his doggy Mom-Mom and me (his doggy sister) will remember was his Passion for FOOD (smile!). Boy-oh-boy did Peabo love to eat. He was always the first to finish eating and would always stand quietly on the sidelines waiting for the other babies to finish their meal so he could clean up the dishes by licking the bowls squeaky clean (LOL!). We really loved our little baby Peab-Peab and will truly miss him.
Peab-Peab will now be joining his dog sister Preshys and dog niece Pepper. He leaves the final and 4th musketeer Pablo. Pablo is going to miss running around with you in his back yard and in your front yard. The People riding by your Mom-Mom’s house is surely going to miss seeing you run around chasing their cars inside of the fence. We all are going to miss you!
Please join Peabo’s Mom-mom and me in remembering our sweet little baby. 
Also visit Sister Preshys', Niece Pepper & Nephew Pablo at:




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