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Esther Teh
May 12 2013

My dearest companion Joni, crossed over on the 12th of May 2013. Companions since late 1999, came to me at estimated age 5. She saved us from fires on 2 separate occasions, helped my husband to learn to walk again, herded and took the other dogs under control, taught my friends not to fear dogs. My beloved companion, my joy and pride, my shadow.

I gave her a home. She saved my Soul.

The memorial for Benji-Ajeerood (her other k9 companion) is at who crossed over 1st November 2007.


I had names for you and you responded to them all! Google, Fatty, Princess, the Queen, Woni, Lao-eh, Bui-eh, Lao-zha-bor, Missy, Empress, Muaji, the Grand Old Dame ...

You came to me in the strangest of circumstances luv. Loong had just crossed over and Arthur calls up to ask if I want a medium sized (???!??!?!?!!!?) companion for Benji. I said "sure, bring it over". And he says, better if he brings me to go take a look *raised eyebrow*.

I sportingly agreed to go and whoooaaa. You took me by surprise girl!

As we approached the farm, Arthur says "do you see her! the beautiful girl!" and I was trying really really hard to spot the "medium sized black dog".

"Don't you see her?!"

And I go crazy as my eyes scan the view in front me - am I going blind? I REALLY don't see any medium sized beautiful black dog. I DO see a bunch of big dogs being walked on a leash though ...

"There she is, on the side of the pack, do you see her?"

My jaw drops. You are NOT "medium". You are BIG.

No no no I canNOT take you into my home, you will kill Benji! He's so small!! I tactfully tell Arthur and he says "why don't we bring her for a walk and you can see for yourself how sweet she is?".

What harm can that do right? Besides, we are already here. He points out that you have a solid leather leash and that it will come with you and that although you are not petite, a collar is enough, you won't yank my arm out of my shoulders.

And I think " Right. Sure. If you say so." (I am thinking, if he can say you are "medium", he can say your poo smells of steak!).

But surprisingly, you were rather sweet at our first walk together in the park. You never pulled, you simply walked at his side, you never pulled, you took your cue from him. He hands over the leash to me and says "she walks like this not because she is familiar with me. she walks like this with everyone. here, take the leash and see for yourself".

A little apprehensive (don't fancy being dragged off, thank you), I take your leash. You lick my fingers, not like an enthusiastic puppy, but in a reserved fashion. Just 2 licks. I was surprised you liked me that much. I have always had dogs sticking themselves to me but to be on the receiving end of your licks, that was something else.

We continue on our stroll. When we stop, you stop. When we pick up pace, you picked up pace. Nice.

Arthur says "So, Esther. On?"

The heart is quite undecided - how am I going to keep you in HDB? I cannot license you. You are going to need your exercise, how am I to cope?


Arthur tells me you are licensed under Deborah and that all we need to do is to continue to renew it and HDB won't give me a problem, that you don't need all that much work, just needing a good home to rest and food to eat and some affection. He continues to cajole me. I continue to resist, doubtful that it's that easy.

I tell him "find her a home. If you absolutely cannot find her a good home, then I will consider taking her in." He offers to bring me and you along for the ride, as he delivers dog food to all his clients, just so I can see for myself that he tries.

So off we went to many houses. I fuss over you in the car, as you seem antsy and Arthur stops me, telling me that if I fuss over you, I am telling you it's alright to be afraid. So I restrain myself and you settle quickly. Hmm.

We went to houses, darling, with big gardens for you and big dogs as companions. You were allowed off leash in their houses. You didn't once give any trouble. You simply walked by my side. MY side, not even Arthur's side. We sit and we talk to the house owner about giving you a home, you sit by my side. I excuse myself to use the bathroom, you get up and go with me and sit outside the bathroom waiting for me. I come back to the table and you sit next to me.

Arthur says "she has made her choice, Esther. It's you."

Sigh. Do I REALLY have to? You are a huge and I mean HUGE commitment.


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