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Eleni Pappas

Memorial created 06-20-2013 by
Eleni Pappas
May 1 2004 - May 9 2013

In loving memory of my Georgie who I love so much. Georgie will be greatly missed and be in my heart forever. You will always be my sweet boy.


 It's been a little over a year since my sweet Georgie passed away.  I wanted to come back to this site on the actual date of his passing, but I was having a hard time.  I can't believe it's been a year since he's been gone.  The pain has lessened but has not gone away.  I don't feel you ever get over a loss.  You just learn to live with it.

Sometimes I'll be looking outiside at the grass and just start crying.  Georgie loved his grass.  He also loved to eat roses like Ferdinand the Bull. 

He also loved getting his tummy rubbed and having his coat groomed.  He would flex his front paws with delight.  He also enjoyed eating my cashmere sweaters.  He had excellent taste in clothing.  I found out that eating weird things like clothing was a stress relieving habit.   Sometimes I'll come across an item of clothing that he had chewed on.  I just wear it that way if it's a small bite.  I feel him close to me that way.

I adopted Georgie 2 months after I had rescued my other kittty, Sammy.  I thought it would be good for them to keep each other company when I wasn't home.  

After Georgie passed away, Sammy kept meowing like he was crying.  This went on for most of the year.  I wish I could have expained to him what happened.  He knew Georgie wasn't here anymore, but didn't know why.

I am very grateful to have this memorial to return to when I want to add more stories about Georgie and just to remember what a sweetheart he was.

I want to thank the people that I don't even know who have signed the guest book and said comforting words to me.  That means so much.

I love you Georgie, always and forever.



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