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Memorial created 11-8-2013 by
Dena Taylor
Pablo Taylor
March 11 2000 - November 3 2013

Pablo-Ablo with his Steeler Blanket

In loving memory Mr. Pablo Taylor…The ALPHA of the “Brooks” 4-Pack.

My Sweet, Sweet Boy, Pablo,  I will miss you so, so much!!!  You were such a GREAT doggy and baby.  You had the most unique yet human qualities that made you so unforgettable.  I want to take the time to share some highlights and memorable moments of your life that your Dad and I and your human Family will always remember:

·        “Get the Squirrel”:  Those were the word that really got your juices flowing and out the door down the deck steps you went

·         “SNACK!”:  Woohoo!!, that was the magic words for when I wanted to get you up to eat or come to me.  You would come running like a dickens....

·        “Come EAT-EAT”:  EAT-EAT was another word to get you off your butt and into the kitchen

·        “GOOD NIGHT….I SAID GOOD NIGHT”:  Those were my Late Mom's and your Late Human Grandma’s favorite saying to get you and the other 3 babies (Pepper, Peabo & Preshys who preceded you in death) to go to bed and go to sleep

·         If we wanted to get you off the couch or away for a minute we would just sneeze, cough or pop our lips:  You were such a "germ-a-phobe" (SMILE)

·         You jumped like a human bouncy ball.  Everyone knew you from you HIGH non-stopping jumping...especially when you saw an animal... We all knew you thought your were human so animals never ceased to amaze nor alarm you.....

·         I will remember watching you take your snack bone an bury it out in the yard then dig it up if you thought someone saw where you buried it… (Hahahaha)…. I wonder if you ever found a safe hiding place from us humans and the squirrels…..(LOL)

·         I will remember the one day you ran down the deck steps really fast to try to chase what you thought was a rabbit but ended up pouncing on Pepper.  That was too funny….The joke was on you.

·        Van and I will remember the day you slapped a squirrel twice out in our back yard….then afterward Van and you stood at the edge of the bottom deck while Van sang…..”I am the king of forest….” From the Wizard of Oz in honor of your ‘Squirrel Slap’.   You two were a mess..

·        I will remember Van and I going out for some drinks only to come home and find you laid out on our king size bed with your head on the pillow.  Then when we came into the bedroom and looked at you, you looked back at us like “WHAT!!......”  Too cute!

·        I remember when Van and I would walk you and you had to walk in front of Van ALWAYS.  So, if he walked faster you would walk even faster.  If he started to run you did too just to stay in front of him…  Who was the ALPHA DOG….. PAB-PAB.....LOL

·        I will remember taking you to Florida with me just before you passed and you barked on the plane all the way from Pittsburgh to Tampa if I stopped petting you…..Whew!  It was truly uncomfortable staying bent over for 2 hours rubbing you cute face just to keep you from barking but I LOVED you so much I would do it again if I had to.

·        I remember watching you walk around Florida like you owned the town and had been there for years….You even go to go to the exclusive “POOCHIE & CABANA’s” store in the Ritzy West Palm Beach, FL City Place to shop for your outfits

·        You were truly a mini celebrity…. Even the mailman and all delivery people knew your name and ask for you every time they came to the house

·        I will always remember watching you walk around the back yard securing the perimeter from the squirrels, rabbits, raccoons and the Deer.

·        I remember one day you challenged a Mama deer and you two were nose-to-nose….it scared me to death but your Dad, Van came to your rescue and scared the doe off.   I think the Doe was about to stomp on you with her front paws but you stood your ground…..


Pablo you were the last of the Mohicans in the 4-some dog crew of Dena and Mary Ann’s.  You were definitely the most memorable of the four because of your beautiful hazel eyes and your love for being loved.  You were truly the “Rudolph Valentino” of dogs as My Mom would say and will truly be missed by all of us.  Though in the end you were really sick and weak I still saw that strong, statuesque, beautiful, loving dog that you always were and will always be remembered for.  I love you Sweet Boy! 



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