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March 13 2006 - March 7 2014

In loving memory of our Duke who we love so much. Duke will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. From the first time I saw the little fur ball at the pet store...weeks went by we already had a puppy, I wanted him so bad..but we weren't sure if he would get along with our Zoe. The he was gone, someone had bought him and I was glad he had a home. But a few weeks past and my sister who goes to the same pet store called and said he was back and they were trying to find a home for him. Well, I went there and sure enough there he was, still the same fluff ball. I asked why he was back and they said the people who bought him said their vet said he had an eye problem. There was nothing wrong with his eyes, so I bought him and brought him home, no problems with our other dog, and our vet said there was nothing wrong with his eyes. I guess he was just meant to be with us....We found out a few days ago that he had kidney disease, and we tried a few days in the Veterinary hospital, but his kidneys were just not strong heart breaks for my son who lost his best friend....I miss him so much already, my heart aches, but he is in a better place, with no pain. Miss you much buddy....

Duke and Zoe

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