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Memorial created 03-16-2014 by
Jen Cantrell
March 26 1995 - March 12 2014

Sun lighting up his face

Lou became my cat when he was just a week old and I was just 22. I was looking for my first cat as an adult. I went to my coworker's house to see his new litter of kittens.  He asked me which one I wanted.  I was unable to make that type of decision so he picked up a tiny black and white kitten who had eyes that were still sealed shut.  The man said to me "This one will be your cat".  For nearly nineteen years he was that and more. 

Lou came home with me to Portland and he was a bundle of endless energy.  He was in nonstop motion which seemed unbelievable for a puff of fur that fit in the palm of one hand.  Immediately he showed his personality in small ways.  He made it clear that he did NOT need instructions on using the litter box.  He made it clear that he really liked to be picked up and held after I came home from being gone at work all evening. He would fall aleep next to me but in that moment he went into deep sleep would jolt awake and go off to "his" bed. He was incredibly inquisitive and wanted to see every person walking by, every truck parked outside.

He was protective and for a very small little guy he was extremely assertive.  He made it clear that he made the rules and any person or cat had better choose the submissive path in dealing with him. His personality was larger than life.  Just as he asserted himself in a large way he also loved in a large way.  You always knew where you stood with Lou.  He had a way of instantly making his mark so that even nineteen years later people remember meeting Lou and being touched by what a great cat he was.

When Lou was three he gained his sister Chloe.  That girl never had a worry in the world because her big brother Lou took care of every cat detail around the house, he tended to every noise, he investigated every disturbance while she was a lady of leisure.   We moved from place to place, we gained dear Kelsey along the way and through it all Lou was clear in what family meant.  As long as you had the human you love around all will be okay.



Outside in the concrete jungle

 We returned to Portland in 2010 coming full circle and Lou took it as a perfect opportunity to officially retire from his previous duties.  For the first time ever he selfishly enjoyed life. He took long strolls around the neighborhood preferring to ignore the big grassy yard for a good roll on concrete.  He stopped worrying about every noise and let go of investigating every detail. He gave up playing with toys and took on  bags and boxes that became like dear friends in a way only a kitty can understand.  He mellowed.  A very uptight cat became a relaxed little old man.

Once back in the city my quiet, closed and sheltered life became filled with friendly visits from his "aunties" on a regular basis.  He no longer maintained that tough, aggressive demeanor.  He basked in the company and loved the attention. As my life became fuller I truly believe Lou sensed that he could leave me and I would be okay.

 He began slowing down as medical issues piled on with diseases and side effects too long to list. Before too long he was a frail, weak shell of his former young, muscular body. But his core personality never changed.  He maintained the same sparkle, the same independence, and the same  dedication to me.  He was a cat who belonged to one person.  I am so fortunate that I got to be his one person.  

 My dear little Luchansky. I love you always.





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