Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 04-2-2014 by
David Woodie
March 1 2004 - April 2 2014


Dedicated to the happy go lucky Miss Harley. You will forever be in our hearts. We all miss you so much.


--David A, David C., Anne, Jared, Grandma Woodie and Dan. 

 photo 2014-04-02150927_zps3d2682a4.jpg  photo 2014-04-02151007_zps5ecb47cc.jpg  photo 2014-04-02151035_zps71e0bfd6.jpg  photo 2014-04-02151117_zpsac146de6.jpg  photo 2014-04-02151137_zps299b660e.jpg  photo 2014-04-02151157_zps72b8bda1.jpg  photo 3fe552c5-43bc-4511-83b2-7d1732b4c943_zps305cc3d7.jpg  photo 2014-04-02150850_zps3c854e38.jpg

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