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December 23 2002 - May 3 2014

My baby's first day home

In loving memory of our Rocco who we love so much. Rocco will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. 

My beautiful, loyal boston boy, my first boy dog. I sit here missing and loving you so much.  When I got home yesterday I greeted all of my babies, all four of you, except there were only three now.  I said your name out loud before I even realized, and the weight of that crushed me. Always the heathiest of the troop, but the first to leave us.  Our tough, proud guy we never had to worry about, taken suddenly.  For you, my love, I'm sure it was not soon enough, with the herniated/burst disk that left you unable to walk within 5 days time.  I am so sorry you had to endure the pain that surely caused you.  The stoic baby who would never acknowledge pain in any way, hid it so well that the vet said it was perhaps a pinched nerve and sent you home.  X-rays 2 days later told a different story.  We wanted to give you a chance to recover and took you home with more pain meds, muscle relaxers, etc.  But, you made the decision for us 2-1/2 days later.  Thank you for leaving no doubt that keeping you with us any longer would be for us, not for you. 

I hope you heard me talking to you Roc, you were not alone.  I will love and miss you until you hear me say one more time........

Hello Roc'em, Momma's home.



5/9/14 - My sweet boy, this is the last day I can say "a week ago he was still here with me".

Gosh I miss you, your calm demeanor, your strong presence, your sounds, and even your scent.  I don't want to lose any of that, and I'm afraid those things will fade away.  Fade a little, I hope not, but probably. And, the sharp edges of you being gone from here may be smoothed in time.  But, I promise you, I will never forget how much you meant to me.  You're still my Rocco man, and always will be. 

5/23 - Hey Rock, been thinking about you, it seems like you've been gone for so long.  I took your brother to the vet yestrday, and thought "please not room 2, please".  You've been back  home with us for 2 weeks now, I so wish you would have been able to explore and enjoy the new house for longer, for alteast one summer.  You would have loved it.  A kiss for you buddy, and lots of love always. 

5/30/14 - Hi Rocco. I miss you buddy. I looked at a picture of you a few nights ago, and you being gone hit me again like it just happened. But, sometimes it feels like so very long since I've seen you. Be your brother's guardain today, okay? I know he was a pest sometimes, you'd give me the look that said "can't you make him stop?". I'd like to keep him here with us for as long as he can stay, so pull any strings you can. I love you Roc, you're such a good boy

6/23/14 -  I've been thinking about you so much Rocco, and that still makes me tear up.  It remains very very painful, I love hard and I grieve hard.  As I said right after we let you go,  "As hard as this is, it was worth it".  I mean that Rocco, you were SO worth it. I miss you buddy boy, please be happy.

7/14/14 - It's been so long Rocco, I miss you so very much.  Even with three pups still with me there is that feeling of one missing, a space that used to be full. Now there is one less dog bowl, one less treat at night, one less.  The one who never asked for much, who was content to sit in the background, who would take what was given but didn't need to be the focus of attention.  The steady one, the loyal one, the missing one.  I didn't realize one "one" could be so so big.  I love you Rocco.

9/3/14 - Hello Rocco buddy, boy do I miss you.  Even reminiscing about you makes me weep still.  I do think of happy memories, but I know thinking of you may always be tinged with sadness, I accept that.  As I said before, you were so worth it.  Four months today since you've been gone, wow 1/3 of a year, that is forever.  So very very long since I've pet you, smelled your smell, or saw you do your bouncy bark.  I had some minor surgery that us why I have not visited in a while.  But, I know you know how often I think of you, and how much I love you.   Hugs...and a kiss on your head.

10/13/14 Hello my sweet boy. I've been thinking of you, hoping we gave you a wonderful life. I think we did, I just wish it had been longer. Still miss you my man, and love you always.

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