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Memorial created 08-24-2014 by
Roxanne Kobelka
March 23 2005 - August 13 2014




   In 2005, my friend Rita called and told me that she had found an abandoned kitten by her mailbox, and would I be interested in adopting him? I went to Rita's house and met a skinny white kitten with the softest fur and biggest eyes I have ever encountered. We bonded immediately. I named him Chulo, meaning "cute" at the suggestion of a friend from work.     Chulo didn't stay skinny for long. he gained some weight and became rather portly by the time he reached his senior years. He was very passive and laid back, and his favorite pastime was sleeping. Chulo was strictly a house cat, with no desire to go outdoors. At times he would look out the window or arcadia door and see other cats outside, and he would meow at them as if trying to convince them to get inside to safety.     We believe that Chulo was either deaf or could hear very little. He was easily startled if you walked up behind him. He liked to chase reflections of light on walls or the floor. Chulo would make purring noises that sounded like a pigeon crowing. He also had the loudest meow of any cat I have ever seen. Sometimes he would wander about the house in the middle of the night, meowing loudly, much to the displeasure of anyone trying to sleep. I suppose he figured that if he was awake, everyone else would be too.     Chulo didn't like for strangers to come into our house. When we had company over, he would hide in a closet and stay out of sight until they left. But I have fond memories of how Chulo would cuddle with me on the couch. He did that right up to the very end.     In April 2014, Chulo became ill and showed signs of severe abdominal pain. We took him to the pet hospital where the vet told us that Chulo had a blocked urinary tract and a swollen bladder. He spent four days at the pet hospital and came home feeling much better.     But on August 13th, 2014 Chulo became ill again. I took him back to the pet hospital, but this time, the vet was forced to make a different recommendation. And so, as I sat with my friend, petting him and talking to him, the veterinary doctor administered the injection that peacefully released Chulo from his pain. He was a little over nine years old.     Chulo was preceded in death by Pokey and Daisy, the Beagles, and Brady, the outdoor adventurous cat. Chulo knew Daisy and Brady in life and I'm sure they all met him at the Rainbow Bridge, where they now shear the love and protection of God.       Baby Chulo, you are my special little friend. Rest in peace or meow as loudly as you want to at the Rainbow Bridge. Mama loves you.







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