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Memorial created 02-16-2015 by
christine mcginnis
April 0 2001 - February 13 2015

In loving memory of our sebastian who we love so much. Sebastian will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.


Sebastian was a good, sweet and loving boy.

He got scared of strangers and would bark but deep down he was just scared and wouldnt hurt anything.

He would love going on walks, playing catch and give hugs and kisses, and he wouldnt want the kisses to stop.

The week before his passing, I noticed him stumbling a little, very minor

and didnt pay attention to it, even joking with him calling him clumsy.

Friday night came and i bought pizza and bought some toys for him and everything 

was fine, he was playing with his new toy, then his legs starting shaking and he went

to drink some water and he was losing his balance. I thought it would subside but it 

became worse. I rushed to the vet and that time he was having seizures.

The doctor gave him a valium shot and it didnt help. The doctor was surprised because that usualy helps. Then he gave him another shot, still nothing and his seizures were just getting worse. Finally he gave him anthesia and that helped calm him down, the doc said i should probably put him down cuz if he did come out of it, he may get seizures again at any time and not to mention expensive it would be for medication, the seizures could get worse. The doc said in all the years of him praticing he only saw 2 cases that were as bad as this and Sebastians was Really Bad.. He was stunned, saying this is epilepsy or he had a tumor pressing on his brain, he was a loss for words. The anthesia was wearing off and sebastian starting showing signs again and were just as bad as before. I had to put him down, the suffering was too much, the doc gave him his last shot and that was it.

This is still shocking for me, It happened so suddenly, he was fine one minute and 

very bad the next minute. And he was gone in about an hour. I believe i did the right thing for him. And now he is at a better place. Probably playing now with the other dogs.



 This was all so sudden, I will probably go through alot of more different emotions in the time to come. Right now Im shocked and sad, missing the EVERYDAY hugs and kisses i got from him.

I wish i could feel that again with him and put a smile on our both our faces.


No more pain, rest in peace. 


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