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Sarah Thayer

Memorial created 02-20-2015 by
Sarah Thayer
Montana's Shadow
April 4 2012 - February 19 2015

Little shadow 14 weeks old

In loving memory of our Montana's Shadow who we love so much. Montana's Shadow will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. Shadow was Born to a family of 15 puppies She was the smallest of the litter we had and one of few we kept She was one of the best dogs I had on the ranch I miss her everyday


One of the beautiful days we had out here in montana she was enjoying

Little Shadow the ranch sure is going to be empty here without you popping out of every stall you would hide in I wish there was something we could of done to save you before it was too late I will always love you little one and will miss you everyday.


How your looks changed the older you got

I couldn't believe how fast you grew and you were by far the best dog I ever owned I know Aunt lisa and Christina would of loved you, I remember you were supposed to go live out there with them It was a joy having you with me the short time I did you were the best friend anybody could of asked for now your up there with Skysky and I know she will watch over you I love you little tyke


Daddy Will miss you always and forever baby girl

I know a lot of people are against hunting I own a 9,000 acre ranch in Bear creek Montana and we have a lot of dogs we raise train sometimes breed and sell Little shadow loved to chase everything she could from new born fawns to rabbits she loved chasing the foals and calves that would be loose and enjoyed spending time with my husband showing off out in the field she lived to please him every day.


those were the days werent they?

Shadow Loved being around the horses and men on the ranch she enjoyed just being out for a ride or hunting whatever she needed to do to please everybody she did it without ever giving it another thought she never had any bad vices and with the faintest whistle she would race back to where ever I would be and wait by my side when I got sick a few years ago she was right there with me and never left my bed side she would lay her head on my chest and stare at me with those pleading eyes begging me to get on my feet she knew there was work to do but I Hadnt the strength to do it.


Im going to get you one way or another!

Her favorite spot to be was out to the pond in the back she loved being out there chasing the ducks and the geese never hurting them just playing she would stay out there for hours sometimes but would always return when it started getting dark


Skylar sure loved you sis

If you have ever seen the bond of a girl and her horse would be that of the bond of a girl and her dog I lost my daughter last year to suicide at the age of 22 years old she raised shadow as her own and that dog would follow her around every where she went if she thought sky was in danger she was right there teeth baring warning her that's far enough or don't do this its not safe she wouldn't leave skylars sight and I hope they found eachother in heaven they definatley belong together


little jayson lee with tthe babies

this is one little boy who would rather sit with a thousand puppies than push around fire trucks and other toys he loves his animals and loved his shadow girl as well


Hows this for calm momma

This picture always makes me laugh that dog was nuttier than I don't know what its killing me to realize she is no longer with us I wish I could have one more day with you baby girl


they all miss you little sister

Remington, Bo, Lacey lou myrah and king all miss you little sister and will see you again one day


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