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Memorial created 03-10-2015 by
Lisa Bradshaw
March 12 1998 - May 4 2013

My baby - Kiras - thank you for 14 amazing years!

There once was a kitty named Kiras.  I adopted her shortly after my six year marriage ended and from that day on she was my heart warmer, my tear wiper, and my best friend.

She lived with many other cats through her years, all of them black, so the brood was always called Stripes y Negro Gatos.  She loved all the cats she lived with, cleaned them, made sure litter box usage was proper, loved them, snuggled with them and was a true matriarch of my kitty family.

She was a little adventure kitty and loved everyone!  She was never afraid and was always looking for the next fun thing.  We drove across country together and flew across country too.  A new home was never scary, it was her adventure, her time to explore her new surroundings.  She never hid (well maybe from the vacuum).  I loved her spirit and wished I had more of it in me.

She liked nice dogs, I think sometimes she thought she was a dog.  She was protective yet sweet.  

She was truly beautiful on the outside and it was only partly matched by her beautiful soul inside.

Blessed Be my sweet baby girl, I will forever miss you Kiras!


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