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Memorial created 04-6-2015 by
Valeria Aldi
March 22 2002 - March 30 2015

Look how beautiful ,my Mama made me. No mats !

In loving Memory of My Sweet~Angel in Fur A true , treasured Gift from God ~ My Kitty-love.. Mau~Mau How do I start? Where and how can I begin to say "Adieu" ? I had never experienced the companionship , closeness and love given to me so freely from You, one of God's loving creatures with such a kind, loving heart .. You are a very unique Cat, My Lady dove, as I had with You. I never thought that I could be so heart broken My darling Lovey. How do I go on each day that I am to live, with out You by My side? You have made such an imprint into My heart and soul. Every second that I have to live without your special kisses, purrs and love, especially the special way that you and I used to "talk" .. My heart is so heavy .. Knowing that you won't be in agony anymore is the only thing that is consoling me. Knowing that you don't have to struggle to breathe ,and that you are now at physical peace helps me each and every day. Daddy is missing you so very much too. How I know that every morning he has to have his coffee, without you laying between his legs and watch the morning news is so hard for him too. Daddy has been so sad since you had to leave us, *( I know how much you wanted to stay with us ,My lovey. We were truly only in the very beginning of what was OUR Life with each other. I know of so many other of your friends that have lived with their guardians for more than 20 yrs, And sadly we only had one year,five months and 16 days together. If there was only a cure for you. You are and were one of the best gifts that My beloved , Heavenly Father has ever blessed me with. I wish that I would have been able to save you from the physical and psychological pain , sadness and the lonely days that I know that you had endured before I had become your guardian. We were meant to be in each other's lives ,where that only a "miracle" from the Good Lord, had chosen to take away My lifelong deathly allergies to You . And I later was to learn that My allergies to Cats were still present sadly, yet I wasn't allergic to YOU. ONLY You~ was I "NO LONGER " allergic to..!!! How blessed we both were.. I had fallen in Love with you and I know that you had felt the Same as me. In the very beginning of Our new relationship, and having saved You from the snow and sleet that had begun to fall the previous week which I now know would have certainly taken your life due to the very abnormal and extremely cold winter of 2013.. In Upstate New York where we live.) I wish that I could have been your guardian from the day that you were born or even on the day we 1st met in my flower bed.. What a wonderful surprise it was to have met you in such a special way. What I came to later find out which was a "normal" thing that you'd loved to do, watch me, when I couldn't see you watching me . How I would have loved to have been able to have you in My life both sooner and especially to have been able to love and know you years longer, than what we ended up with. My heart and soul longs to have you back and how I wish for you ,my darling ,to be here with me now. Sitting either on me or next to me when I was on YOUR computer. I have not been able to sleep nowhere as wonderfully as when we did so ,together. You have been such a wonderful and special part of my life. I can't wait to be reunited again with you. Thank-you for always being such a little lady, always so polite and never once jumping on our furniture. You were also always so the little lady,the best,even when we had guests come over. And I laugh as I am remembering a certain ,someone that you really didn't care for,*(funny, how you and I felt the same way about them.) Even Dad , who has never ever even liked "Cats" misses you , and this is a big deal. You knew the minute he 1st came in the house and saw you ,sitting in "His" chair. Even with him trying to man-handle you,you stayed or 'laid ' your ground. In the end you and he agreed to "share" what then became both of "Your" chairs. But, eventually, Dad would just pick you up and because of 'you' being you, had began to give you a good 'petting' every time he came over. Which as you know, for Dad was a big thing. You could melt anyone's heart. You knew from the moment he came in, that he "wasn't a "cat' person. You were the only kitty he has ever loved ,let alone liked. You made everyone love you~! I will never forget you. Our Nose kisses were some of the best. But, I so miss you shoving your little face into my hand and you would just stay there.. which at times would end up being for hours. I couldn't believe it. I would count to see how long you'd stay that way. Until I'd hear you begin to start your cute kitty-snoring. How adorable you are . I remember the very 1st time you that you had chose to turn around and lay up on my belly looking at me. Then all of a sudden,you punched me in the throat. I was both shocked and you had actually hurt me, yet you were just still laying still and looking at me , as if you hadn't done anything ..You were just so aloof. I wish you were here and punch me now. How I treasure these ,"wonderfully" cute "Maui" and me moments.. WE will always have our "bunny-time"~ Forgive me ,please...for not knowing sooner, that I should've rescued you as well as your brother, Boots, from this not nice guardian.. at all. PLease ..forgive me. Listen for me calling for you, honey . I am always listening for you. I am happy when you decide to come and keep me company. THank you for being you.

I will always love you. Your Maman

Not yet Mama, I am almost ready to get up.

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