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Missing Hoover

Memorial created 04-13-2015 by
Amy Gustavson
Hoover VanDam Dog
November 1 2001 - May 13 2014


he loved hats. and snow. and adventures. he watched silly movies on tv and settled in close at night , touching both of us, to secure the family.  He chased nightmares and dandelions, patroled the beach from seagulls and seashells. he had a communication style that would rival any intellects  conversation yet bring laughter greater than any off the cuff comedian could muster.  

he had a job to do...rescuing those who rescued him from  the start of a not so good life...a cardboard box at the side of the road in Puerto Rico. An early struggle with coccidia and giardia  almost stole him from our hearts, yet this 10 week old puppy fought hard..and so did we.  we fought to kept our marriage intact, we fought to keep this  little creature with us. and he stayed.

he loved to travel. he loved to explore. he loved winter and shedding and truffle pigging in the snow.  he could throw a tennis ball or toy far better than any Hall of fame pitcher. He was security far greater than the Queen's royal guard...yet I'm sure he would have loved those hats.

His loss has been immense. It took the path of a falling star as I cried to the sky and asked where are you Hoovie, .to let me know he was here, he's an angel but he's here. 

writing these words still hurt, and tears flow.  But I wanted to do something for his upcoming anniversary of leaving. I replaced the last rug where we found him, unable to stand, unable to greet us. Cancer took its toll.  and I knew and could feel his spirit leave.The  most difficult decision  in this world let him go.

He was every descriptive word one could say about a good dog. he was everything, in breed and goofiness and love. He was truly a "Once in a Lifetime dog".and we were so blessed to have him be ours.



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