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Memorial created 07-8-2015 by
lisa fitzgerald
July 6 2015

In loving memory of our Alfred who we love so much. Alfred will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.


My sweet beautiful Alfred,

My heart is broken, I miss you so so much, everything feels bleak without you, I would give anything to change things, to have you back, I love you so much and I am so sorry for the pain you went through during your last days, I am sorry that i left you in the vets on sunday, i am so afraid you were looking for me. i cant stop crying over you.

i was driving home from my dads the night i found you, i couldnt believe it when i saw a giant white rabbit just sitting on the path, i had to do a little chasing before i caught you, you got under the passenger seat, you were so afraid. i was afraid that you were stuck because of your size. When i brought you into my house i thought you would hide under the table, i tought you were going to be terrified but you weren't, you hopped about chinning everything, i took so many photos, one of my favourites was when you stood up on your back legs and stared into the oven. it was as if you had always been with me, you were home. you threw yourself onto the ground with you legs in the air, so confident, so happy. i told you i couldn't keep you, i had 6 other bunnies upstairs. you stayed in the spare room. everyday when i came home from work i would go straight to your room, you would hear me come up the stairs and I would hear you jump off whatever you happened to be sitting on. i would open the door an inch and you would stick your nose out and grab the door with your teeth trying to force it open, you would come running over wanting your head to be rubbed. i would let you have free reign of the house. you quickly recognised the sound of the fridge opening and you were like an elephant coming down the stairs (it only took you a day or so to get used to the stairs). you were always begging for food, i once caught you licking the inside of a takeaway container - it was vegtable korma..i could never eat in peace with you : )

on the night i found you i knocked on the first house in the estate and asked if you were theirs, they said no and said that they would contact the spca if they could catch you, you were being kept in a tiny hutch, too small for you to stand up in and you were being left out to graze, i don't know how you were still alive, how you hadn't been killed by an animal or hit by a car. i decided not to return you and made the decision to rehome you. i always felt like i was supposed to find you that night, that you were waiting for me. while i feel so low, so sad so desperate right now, i still wouldn't change anything. i would tell people about you but i don't think they really got it, bar a couple, about how special, funny, fiesty, sweet you were. last saturday you were out in the garden with mabel, you were doing binkies and eating grass and running through the tunnel, it started raining and you came in yourself, you decided that you werent ready to go back upstairs to your room so you hopped into the sitting room,  i had to guide you back out and off you went upstairs after mabel..

i quickly realised that you belonged with me...there were times when i felt low or just fed up and i would go to your room and you would come running out. 

there are so many stories i could tell...i look around and everything feels wrong, everything is the wrong colour, the world just continues and i want to scream at everyone so they know and i also just want to lay down. i don't want to be in that house anymore, it feels empty now, like a massive presence has left. 

Alred, I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me and Thank YOU. 

I will love you always and forever, my soulmate xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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