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Memorial created 09-8-2015 by
Kim Galusha
August 27 1996 - September 6 2015

Anna Queen Carrasco- 19 years old- the most beautiful Jack Russell that ever walked - was la presidente of Anaconda records from 1997 till 2015.  Anaconda Records got their name from Anna.  She oversaw the release of over 21 cds around the world.  She was the head guide of over 300 road trips and band tours  all over North America- including Mexico- Canada and the US.  Anna is survived by her 17 year old son, Peanut "Smiley" Carrasco, world famous saxophonist, who has taken over her duties at Anaconda Records despite the allegations surrounding his insider begging at Purina Dog Chow.  

Anna came into my life sometime in 1996.  I suppose it was love at first bite. That is how she got the name-Anna- short-from Anaconda-- I knew right away  that she was  a special - she was a thousand year old soul - even though she was a puppy -- she had an ancient wisdom about her - and we were never separated from that moment  until the moment that she passed.  

19 years is a long long time- to be with a soul 24/7  --  She  died september 6- at  about 6am  at sunrise - outside- on a  clear beautiful morning-- right alongside  the Mexican border  in Bisbee-Arizona-near where Geronimo surrendered  and about 20 minutes from the OK Corral in Tombstone -- She woke me up-- to say goodbye--so I took her outside-- and she headed off for that happy hunting ground in the sky.  She took the last train to Bisbee.

At 6 months old- she got injured on her snout-by a rock- in a building accident at my adobe house.  I promised her that if she got better- I would never say no to her. And I never did-- I didn't have to.

Anna was one tough dog!!
She had attitude!!!
She was an alpha dog-- who ruled all situations.
She never backed down.
She was the boss!
She was the sheriff!
She was the fun police!!
And she didn't take any BS from anybody.

 She taught me about never giving up-- about going after it- "it" being a squeaky toy.  On the road -I would have to hide her toy  behind the gas cap-- otherwise she would sniff it out.  And at home-- I had to hide it in the freezer.

I saw her sometimes running after her Frisbee on 2 legs- because she had a sticker in the other 2.  She just never gave up!!

 Anna taught me an unconditional love that I've never had before.

She taught me the essence of water.
She taught me loyalty.
She taught me companionship.
She taught me wisdom.
She taught me magic.
She taught me spirit.
She taught me life more than anyone.

All the drives throughout Mexico-- she was in my lap-- and the one at the window--to answer  all the questions---For the last  19 years she was my compass.  She helped get me through hundreds of military checkpoints, wrecks and bandido situations in Mexico just by being at the window. 

"Senor, You have a very brave dog".  She had no fear and never backed down in any situation.

When I was with her- I never was lonely or felt scared at any time.
I have pulled over and slept numerous times on many dusty backroads- across Mexico- and every night - she slept right on my chest - next to my heart- always looking out for me.  She was my guardian angel.

Anywhere I was in this world - with Anna at my side-- It felt like home.
with her it didn't matter where we slept-
All those motels- and fancy 5 star hotels- where I had to sneak her in-
She knew the drill- stay in the bag- and don't make a sound.
I sometimes told the desk clerk- that she was a Chihuahua----

We had an unspoken magical connection.


 I believe that what was special about us- was that me- being a musician-enabled me to keep her with me all the time- and as anyone who knows Jack Russells- knows that-they are a full time dog with boundless energy.  At the Jack Russell Trials she ran agility, racing, puissance jumping and go-to-ground. Go-to-ground, a competition where they go through a maze of tunnels with a rat in a secure cage at one end (the rat is not injured), was her favorite and she often won, being the fastest dog to find the caged rat. Her dad, Scout, was a famous National Go-To-Ground Champion, so it was in her blood.  Once she took the puissance jump then left the ring – running for the go-to-ground tunnel, pushing past the dog on the line getting ready to enter. She also won first place at The Gran Perroton Dog Show in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico three years in a row.  And to everyone’s amazement ---She found the rat at a Barn Hunt at the Reliant World Dog Show at age 18 years and 11 months.  She had tenacity throughout her life.

Every time- that I wrote a song- she was there with me-

I wrote ‘My Lil Anna’ somewhere out on I-10 where it connects with I-5- heading up to Northern California.  "Those great big almond eyes- so pretty looking up at me".   It is on my Que Wow CD.  The song ‘Anna’ was written in 1998 in La Manzanilla- Mexico- and is on my Tlaquepaque CD.  ‘Loco for Anna’ is on my Rucca CD.  And I also wrote ‘Anna Banana’ which I sometimes play at live shows.

In my life- she felt like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow--
I did win the lottery and it was Anna!!
I am so grateful!!

I first noticed that every morning when she was a puppy that- she would let out a singing sound-like she was talking-- I would say "Anna, blow your horn" and she would let out a horn sound.

Later on - I taught her- to howl along with me on ‘La Bamba’ at costume contests- which we won several. 

Anna could roll over and shake hands- but she would only shake with certain people.  Everyone else got bit.  She would even roll over for Peso, my 100 pound Doberman Pinscher.  She would stick her head in his month and look around.

She was a road dog till the end!!  In her last month alone- she toured 8 states- of one nighters- from Texas- to the Canadian border- with Washington-and  back down through California- to San Diego- across Arizona-- all the way to Terlingua.  In late August 2015 -- I drove 16 hours through the night from Denver to Salt Lake City- with a water pump going out- The band was sleeping- it was just Anna and me.  All those countless hours of me driving-- she was always on my lap.

Some tell me that Anna was a very lucky dog- to have done all that she did.  But I feel like I am the one who got lucky - to have been blessed with love of such a precious soul.

She is the main reason that I started Viva Perros--because all dogs have heart, soul, and spirit.  It is a way of paying back all the joy and happiness she gave to me.

In the last 19 years of playing music- she was at almost every single show-- either in a bag behind my amp- or waiting out in the car.  Every time - I played- or performed-traveled- everything I did- she was at my side-or on my lap ---- we were never separated- or far apart-- ever.  She was always there for me- through the tears-- through the laughter-the travel- she was there for it all. There was nothing better than landing at some airport- taking her out of the bag-  and figuring out where we were-finding a beach- getting a stick out- and throwing it, without a care or worry in the world. 

These were the happiest moments of my life.

You can find her in almost all my videos and band photos.   In those videos- she always knew what to do. She was the star in my ‘Cu Ru Cu Pa’ video.    She starred in my movie, Rancho No Tengo.  She was always professional and patient.

She may be gone - but I know somewhere- somehow- someplace- sometime- that I will meet up with that beautiful soul and spirit of Anna. 

I will miss her forever – even more than I can know right now.

I will carry her love and spirit with me always – she will always have a piece of my heart.

For she was my heart dog -- The dog in your life- that you connect with on all levels.  I am grateful to have had her in my life.

Life won't be the same without her. Her paw print on my heart will never go away.  She was my shadow.

Now it is just- Peanut- her 17 year old son - and me- and the open road.

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