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Memorial created 10-30-2015 by
Isabel Catalano
February 21 2012 - October 30 2015

Our little angel. You have such a sweet little face.

Snowball, we love you so much. You are and always will be our angel. You are special to our hearts and we will never forget your sweet face. You are so sweet and gentle and loving to all of us.  You saved us and we can't wait to see you again in heaven. We love you


 We adopted Snowball when (we thought) he was two-years-old. He was very sad and helpless. His fur was falling out, he was in a tiny cage, he had lice, and he was being ignored. We took him home and cared for him and fed him. We didn't know if he would make it through the night. The next day, we took him to the vet. The vet told us he had lice and gave us medicine to care for him. Two weeks later he was a happy, cute, fluffy bundle of happiness. As he grew older, he got used us and enjoyed out snacks we brought for him. We love going outside to his bunny hutch and feeding him carrots, lettuce, his favorite, watermelon, and much much more. He didn't wheek much, but he would chortle and squeak. We gave him grass, took him out to play, and held him. He was so sweet and gentle. He never bit us and was always our friend. We called him our little angel because he was white and had huge haunches(like wings). We called him many other nicknames like Bunny, Snowburst, Mr. Bunnykins, and more. He our friend and we loved him. I cannot put in words everything we did with him and how much we loved him. One day, he was becoming sick and my parents took him to the vet. He said that his lungs were shutting down and he didn't have much time left to live. My parents didn't want to believe him. They went home and bought him all kinds of yummy food hoping he would survive. As my dad was taking me home from dance, he told me that he was sick. I was about to ask how much longer we had with him, but then my dad said he had already passed about an hour earlier. I was devestated that I didn't even know until that moment. I didn't ge tot say goodbye. My dad said he died peacefully and painless lying in his cage. When we got home, I petted him and said goodbye. The next day, we buried him and performed a ceremony. We all wrote a note to him and gave him his favorite veggies. The one thing that helped me move on was that he was in heaven and I would see his sweet face again soon. I love you Snowball and I will never forget you.


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