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Memorial created 12-17-2015 by
donna maltese
December 16 2012 - December 2 2015

best gift u w ere to me.

In loving memory of our Baby who we love so much. Baby will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. we only had baby for less than a year before she passed we are all heartbroken she passed 12/2/15 im so loss without her it hurts so much I look for her every day. she was a rescue dog she was so happy to have us and we were so glad to have her in our life's if only for a short time. she made a big difference in all of us we will never forget you baby. ur always n forever in mommy's heart .and your with ur big sis lexi now.i don't know how I can go on without you baby I need you back ! please visit my baby guestbook everyone.let her feel all the love.thank you


she was such a good girl

my baby girl you are sooooooooooo missed every day n night I think of you.xoxoxo


i love uuuuuwhat a beauty

I lust love u so much u stole my heart n forever that's where u will be.


what a beauty u are baby

This is my favorite picture I remember this day like it was yesterday..


love that face

love that look u always gave, how I miss it.



sooooooooo cute..



love this one to u so cute my baby.


uncle roger n u

uncle Roger loves u so much took such good care of u while him n auntie Gail had you.i thank them for they have done to help get u to me n for me u were the best gift I ever got ..I love u Gail n Roger!!


preetty girl

you made my days now my days are so empty without you.



I see you mommy I know u saying that baby..i love u.


i loved when u would stand..

you were trying to get the chicken up there I remember that day to I remember every day with you.


frist nite home




what a pretty girl thank you for all the love n happy days u gave me, I will never ever forget not one day.


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