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Memorial created 02-25-2016 by
Kristie Nuckols
Teeny Tiny Nuckols
July 7 2004 - January 24 2016

Sweet Lil Teeny Tiny

LiL Teeny Tiny Nuckols he was our sweet little man. We lost a very special friend on January 24,2016. He lived a good life for 11 years. We loved him so very much and he will be greatly missed in our home. Lil Teeny Tiny wasn't your average dog that played with dog toys or that you could sit and pet. No, he had been traumatized before we received him as a puppy. We are not sure what happened to him. He was unable to let his guard down and trust people.

But, we did Love him and nurture him and give him the very best of care. He was very precious to all of our family. May God Bless Lil Teeny Tiny we will miss him so very much. He was so special to us. We hope he will find peace and Love in Heaven at the Rainbow bridge.


Dad and Lil Teeny Tiny

This Picture is worth a lot because Lil Teeny Tiny jumped on the couch to see his Daddy and brother Toby for a split second and jumped right back down. Lil Teeny Tiny moved so fast it was hard to catch him. We all Loved him so very much. If Teeny Tiny trusted anyone in the family he trusted his Daddy. But only for a few seconds if that long. He was a frightened little boy. Every once in a while he would let you pet him. But you would have to catch him. He was very fast on his feet. We took very good care of him and I don't think anyone else could have given him the kind of Love and Home that we gave him. Teeny Tiny was a very special dog.


Teeny Tiny and Bo

Teeny Tiny Like to hang out with his Big Brother Bo. Bo is A Lab and he always felt safe with him. They were real buddies.


Teeny Tiny Hanging out on Bo's Pillow

Teeny Tiny always like to hang out with Bo our Lab. Here he is relaxing and taking it easy on Bo's pillow having a good time. We always Loved Lil Teeny Tiny and we always will. We will always keep him in our hearts and in our minds. He will be missed forever.


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