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March 10 2016

In loving memory of our Maxie who we love so much. Maxie will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.  We're going to try not to cry that our life together is over but smile that our life happened.  We will never forget you.  Rest in Peace my Beautiful Baby Girl.

When you wake alone tomorrow and I'm not there with you.

Just think about all the good times and that will get you through.

You raised me from a pup and it was so much fun.

We moved into our own house where I can run and run.

I passed the torch to Jymah who gladly took the lead.

I taught him all I know so he is up to speed.

Then it was so hard to breathe and very painful too.

So it became apparent and you knew what to do.

You sat by me and stroked my head and cried so many tears.

You felt extremely bad that we didn't have enough years.

Mommy, Dakota and Tyler coming to say farewell to me.

Just showed how much I was loved by my Family.

No matter wherever you go I'm always by your side.

So keep your eyes and ears alert for I will be your guide.

So when you wake tomorrow don't think we're far apart.

For everytime you think of me I'm right there in your heart. 



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