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Memorial created 06-16-2016 by
Pam Higgins
June 14 2016


adopted Shadow from my Vet when her owners abandoned her with him. He was not sure how old she was, but thought about 10. That was 8 years ago. She was very old when she passed Tuesday morning.  I adopted her to keep my lab, Rosie, company and give her a place to call home. When Rosie moved on, Shadow was lonely, so she adopted a neighborhood abandoned cat. They were great friends. My Mom met the cat, Bailey, and fell in love. So now Bailey has a forever home, but Shadow was on her own again. She the adopted a neighborhood bunny. Those two were a hoot together. Then the rabbit moved on. This last January, I brought home a puppy. When those two met, Shadow looked up at me and plainly said "How did you know I always wanted a puppy."

To say she will be missed is not adequate. I was so lucky to bring home that huge hearted dog.

Shadow meets Nickie
Shadow and Bunny. BFF

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