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Memorial created 10-22-2016 by
Steven Burns
June 18 2004 - October 21 2016

Our Michelangela Dellarosa

In loving memory of our Michelangela who we love so much. Michelangela will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. I can't believe it's been a whole day since you passed from this world and entered your eternal sleep. We knew in our heart that all of our loving kisses and warm tears falling on your head wasn't enough to end your pain. We physically hurt from the grief and we can't stop crying. You will forever be our baby girl, the little angel that came down from the skies. You were loved from the moment we brought you home and we will continue to love you until time comes to an end. All day, I had flashes of our happy moments together, How as a puppy, you got excited when our Marilyn Monroe telephone would ring and her skirt would blow up, you would try to bite the skirt. How you loved going for a ride in the car to see squirrels run up a tree. The last few years you traded seeing New York squirrels for SoCal roadrunners. The happiness our rides together brought you is priceless and a treasured keepsake in my heart. Sleep well our little one, you brought so much LOVE and JOY into our lives. The love you gave so freely meant everything to us. I'm still crying as I type this memorial. I don't know how to recover from losing you.


A stroll through the park

This is one of my favorite pictures of you, my beautiful Michelangela. Your happiness and excitement was beaming from your eyes as we walked around the lake feeding the ducks and geese. Even though you no longer had use of your front paws, we know you loved being treated like a little princess in your stroller. You are forever in our hearts my sweet girl.


Michelangela + Birthday Cake = Perfection

Today, it has been a heartbreaking 2 weeks since you left our physical world and our life has been filled with an awful void that can never be filled. My birthday was a few days ago, I said no to a cake this year because there was nothing to celebrate without you here with me. The way you got so excited whenever we sang "Happy Birthday " is the only memory I needed to help me get through the day.


One month anniversary

My beautiful Michelangela, today marks the one month anniversary when your precious heart stopped beating and you closed your eyes for the last time. I still can't fully comprehend that I can never kiss the top of your head again or see you happy face when I glance over at the couch. This past month has left me in a fog, I walk around dazed, confused, and angry. I'm trying to behave better because Gabriella and Leonardo deserves the best I have to give, they miss you terribly too. Thanksgiving is a few days away and even though I have zero interest in the upcoming holidays, the one promise that I can make is that I will give thanks for having you in my life for the past 12 years. Sleep in peace my little girl, Daddy loves and misses you.


An early Christmas present

I ordered this pillow last week as a "surprise" Christmas gift for Gary. Once I opened the box and saw how beautiful the pillow turned out, there was no way that I was going to wrap the box and keep it a secret for 4 weeks. I gave it to Gary as a early present and it brought tears to his eyes and we both got very emotional when we placed it on the couch. We both miss you so much, our beautiful Michelangela, you are deeply embedded in our heart and soul.


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