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Memorial created 12-1-2016 by
Mark Willis
April 13 2003 - December 1 2016

In loving memory of our Libby who we love so much. Libby will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. 

To my sweet very blessed we were to know you, love you and be loved by you. You never complained in all the days that we had you with us. You loved me so heart was overflowing! I will never, ever forget you. You have a special place in mommy's heart that can not, will not ever be filled.

I always tried to do right by you. I tried to put your needs (and the needs of your brothers and sister) ahead of my own. If it had been up to me, I would have taken you with me wherever I went. If it had been up to me, I would have never left your side. If it had been up to me, you would have lived forever.

You are the sweetest of peas, my precious little honey pot and you and I were two peas in a pod. I don't know how to go through life without I will focus on doing right by your brothers and sister. We will think of you often and will miss you always. Until we meet again.....


I'm so glad you picked me that day at the dog park. I'd been 'set-up' by your foster parents, although I didn't know it at the time. I'm sure they were giggling as they made their way with you to meet me and Bella for playtime. I didn't realize what a blessing that day would turn out to be. 

We immediately took to one another. I guess it was love at first sight. You trusted me right away. You had been through so much in your life that could have made you not trust people or kept you from opening up to love, but you didn't let that define you and keep you from having a wonderful life with me. You had a special soul Miss Libbers. Actually, you HAVE a special soul, because the soul never dies. That brings a smile to my face..




In case you didn't know, Libby was a puppy mill rescue. An irresponsible breeder surrendered her at the age of 7 after her last litter of puppies because "she wasn't being a good mother". This poor dog had been bred over and over again. No dog should still be having puppies at the age of 7! I'm so glad Midwest Dog Rescue Network rescued her. I'm a strong supporter of getting bad breeders out of business. Although I got Bella as a puppy from a breeder, since I rescued Libby and later her brother Chip, it would be very difficult for me to get another puppy from a breeder/pet store. Libby and I had a friend, Lucy, the Rescue Cavalier, and her mom Lisa from the UK who avidly promote the banishing of puppy farming over there. She has made great progress by simply making people aware of this unscrupulous dog breeding business. Sadly, Lucy passed away one week after my Libby...I know Lucy and Libby finally got to meet in Heaven and are waiting for their mommies to join them. So, in Lucy and Libby's name, please don't support puppy mills. Dogs deserve love. I don't know of another of God's creatures that so freely gives their love to man. Support your local shelters and rescue groups instead. If you absolutely want a puppy, do your homework on the breeder. Do they keep the puppies in their home or at another undisclosed location? Ask them to show you where the puppies are kept. Ask to see their mom and dad and their breeding credentials. Asking these simple questions will tell you a lot about the reputation of the breeder. Not all breeders are bad! There are some really great ones out there...just do your homework.


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