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Edward Owen

Memorial created 12-3-2016 by
Edward Owen
Victoria Owen
September 11 2005 - December 3 2016

Victoria with brown bear

In loving memory of our Victoria Owen who we love so much. Victoria Owen will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.


Victoria was diagnosed with Bone Cancer on 2/22/16. I had her right rear leg amputated to try and slow the cancer down. About 2 weeks later we started Chemo on her. I was told by my Veterinarian that with taking leg and chemo that we would get at least 6 months. We got 9 months. 


If you live in my area I highly recommend Canyon Lake Animal Hospital in Canyon Lake, Ca. They were fantastic during all of this. It is near the Lake Elsinore area of SoCal

Victoria and I traveled the highways and byways of this great country. She enjoyed meeting new people and other dogs and cats on the road. I let her drive just once, but she was like most Swift drivers she was not looking where she was going. She loved to play in snow. And loved riding with her dad. She will be greatly missed.




Victoria becomes a Swift driver.

 Victoria wanted to try driving and since she was spolled rotten, she got to try. It was so funny I wish I had video of it. As soon as the truck started moving she was looking at me with amazement, which was the problem, she was not looking where she was going. HINT: At no time was the public in any danger as we were in a parking lot, and my hands were on the bottom of steering wheel. The worst that could of happened would have been if my foot slipped off the clutch. Truck would have stalled. 


Victoria's girl friend

Victoria with her girlfriend Bambi. Bambi is now lost without her. I plan on getting a dog for Bambi within the next 12 months.

This house is so quite without her. I miss her clacking claws on the Bamboo floors.


Again I need to Thank all my wonderful friends that stepped up and helped me so that Victoria and I had 9 months together. I will never be able to say Thank You enough


Victoria and me along U.S. 20 in Wyoming

 Victoria and me along U.S. 20 in Wyoming near the Continental divide. She loved to go swimming. After I retired we use to go to the beach in San Diego, county. She loved to ride the waves.


She reminded me of what Mrs. Hannibal Lecter might look like

 I had to put a muzzle on her when I got out of the truck, because she thought it was her chew toy. She was a smart girl she soon figured out that destroying company equipment, would have her back at the pound. 


Loved to play in snow

 She had so much fun playing in snow. I called that sweater she was wearing as her sweater of many colors. Sort of like the Dolly Parton song coat of many colors.

Me and Victoria by the truck
Victoria at Haloween
In the sleeper birth
The 3 musketeers. Victoria, Bambi, and Skittles as a kitten

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