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June 30 2006 - December 6 2016


In loving memory of our little Diamond - my little angel. We brought Diamond home on December 29, 2009 after receiving a call from the rescue that we had previously rescued our seniors Whitey and his daughter Sheep from to be companions to our toy poodle Beau. Whitey had just passed and the rescue wanted to know if we would take one of the puppy mill moms that they had just rescued. We said we would but had no idea what we were about to take on. We were introduced to 3 very frightened little ones named Diamond, Ruby and Pearl. Each had been given the name of a precious gem to show how precious each was after the horrors they had lived thru that were just waiting to have their beauty shine thru. We went home with Diamond who proceeded to cower in the corner of the kitchen for about 2 weeks. She was so shut down that she just froze and wanted to disappear. She had no idea what grass was, how to walk up steps or what the feel of a loving human touch was. We set up a crate as a place for her to feel safe in and provided an abundance of small stuffed animals. She attached herself to one in particular that was white, just like her with long dangling legs. This toy became her "baby" that she would carry around for years as if it were her own baby. She would pick it up gently around the neck and carry it with her wherever she went. We enlisted the help of a trainer to help us make the first breakthroughs and earn her trust and then my other senior dogs Sheep and Beau did the rest of the work in teaching her how to be a dog. Sheep, in particular, became a strong motherly figure as she carefully watched over Diamond. For years after Sheep passed, Diamond would immediately look for Sheep if we were talking about her and mentioned Sheeps name. It took a lot of time and patience to get Diamond functioning in those early years and every time we got to a point where we didn't think she would progress any further, a new light would start shining in her eyes - to see those little bits of light was all that was needed to lift us up to keep positive that there was more we could do for her. Over the course of the next 7 years Diamond learned to enjoy life and became a pampered princess! I never dreamed that we would lose her so soon though. She was diagnosed with oral melanoma during a routine dental and was gone within a few months. She died in my arms with her brother Diesel, our 3 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback, and her "baby" by her side at the farm we had recently moved to. For whatever reason, the final light was lit in her eyes when we moved there. She would spend a lot of time zipping around the wide open area of the farm with Diesel. This was something she would do on occasion at our old house but not all that often, always choosing to stay close to the house when she went outside or next to me. To say there is a hole in my heart would be an understatement. I am sad and angry that she was taken so soon but I will be eternally grateful to have had her in my life - she will have a special spot in my heart that cannot be replaced by another. I am also comforted to know that she got to know what being loved meant. I also know she is in a better place without any pain or suffering surrounded by her fur brothers and sisters who passed before her that she loved dearly including Beau, Whitey,Mr. Hobbs, Nicky and especially Sheep!


Diamonds arrival at our house

Diamond in front of the crate we set up for her. She would not leave this area if we were in the room. We would sneak away and she would start exploring.


DIamonds Playpen

We kept Diamond in a playpen on the side of our bed when she first arrived so she would start getting used to being with us "humans". I remember the first night she let out a howl that seemed to come from the bottom of her soul. It stunned us to hear it. We were told she was trying to call her pack - the other dogs from the puppy mill that she was saved from


first sign of comfort

We snuck up and found her rolling on her back in her crate with her toys. This was the first time we saw that she was starting to feel safe

Diamond (right) and Sheep
Diamond Beau and Sheep

Diamond and Beau

We were told to tether Diamond to Beau for short periods to start forming attachments and learn from another on how to become a dog


DIamond and Lilly

Diamond loved her kids Robbie and Lilly. Here she is with Lilly back in the early days


Diamonds new look

Diamond was a good sport about modeling her wig

Diamond and Sheep Halloween 2010
Diamond and Nicki taking a snooze

Diamond comforting elderly at nursing home

Diamond would be a source of happiness and comfort to the elderly while we were there visiting aunt Flo. Here she is with aunt Flo's roommate

Riding in the truck with the Big Guy
Diamond and cousin Wiggles
Lilly Diamond and puppy Rodeo
more popcorn please
enjoying the great outdoors
enjoying the beach

Diamond and Daryl

Daryl is a 23 year old resident cat that came with our new farm. She is a very friendly gal who became a friend to Diamond as well


DIamond and Diesel

Diamond with Diesel. Diesel was 4 months old when we adopted him. He was an annoying little brother who became a loyal big brother at 70 pounds who then became quite protective of her. Here they are the night before Diamond passed to the rainbow bridge. The poor guy is quite lost without her


Diesel Diamond and Nicki

Another of my favorite pictures. Nicki passed 2 years before Diamond. The 3 of them couldn't have been more different but quite a good trio


video of diamond and diesel at our farm


Diamond exploring at our old house


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