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Memorial created 01-6-2017
December 0 2016

In loving memory of our Mileymae who we love so much. Mileymae will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.


cant remeber when exactly she was born but it was in sept i dont know date4 sure she was 13already when we had 2 let her go

Miley suffered 2 bad felinestrokes  a hard battle against Kidney disease&struggled with arthritis &grade 5 heart murmur

nurse ,furbaby,companion animal,family member,friend in fur,closest 2 best friend ,nightwatch cat, holistic knowledge in fur

she thought she was a human being ladyshe stated out shy &little bit nervous but over time she became very talkative with good vocabulary&very confident even knew how to use word no resisted training wanted to do things her way

 tunafish chicken salmon

Miley&I became very close-she was often with meduring my roughest moments of my own health challenges when no one really cared&she often kept me company she also spent time with the other two people here

she liked food family&watever was her bliss at the moment she liked music &chill out with Me listening to music alot

last phrase soft faint soundingmeowmewwith sad &angel eyes looking into my eyes

other phrases:her nickname 4 me,mrowl-pain hello, meow meow near food dish -foodhello my nickname no &many other swords

when she first came she loved catgrass she wasnt really fond of her catsitter but they eventually spentnice tome 2gether she even got a real bird feather from her

with visitors it depended on if she liked u-if she did she came outif not they were ignored a mind of her own energysensitive

 ldy also person i chose as grandma baked my pawprint my family still has that &my love &spirit with them


night watch cat-i rie protect home at night by checking out living room window


i loved food My momma having fun &getting attention my family spending time with Mama , sleep on Mamas bed look out Mamas window  listen to music watch tv &more


Miley &I had mspent many good times chilling best buddies

she was very active when she first came at age 5she ate cat grass&grew up alot to very confident know what she wants 13 year old cat

loved salmon tuna chicken even dragged tuna can out of garbage onto floor went after what she wanted when i came home from outing she was often in window 

she loved easter esp plastic easter eggs she loved her babies friends-me&her stuffed animals &her family here one xmas she played with the paperribbons checked out the presents daily life was better with her esp when it got challenging lots of good memories lots of chill times i deeply miss cuddly with her &our naps &hangout &watever time together &i miss her badly &daily life isnt same without her evene with a new cat &nothing has filled the void of her loss her spirit still with us -in beginning she came around lots lately i barely we have chatted both while she was alive&after

one xmas she kept checking out allthe presents inclu ribbons, she had a good collection of stuffed animals her babies&friends


often sunlight on darktimes&days made u laugh smile there during illness&much more


 loved attention ve fun food &more

hope ur happy on that farm Miley &Ur kitty soul is free from pain &suffering &happy lots &good things r happening that u enjoy i know u miss me &them lots we miss u 2

 loved playing with beads-pretty shiny beadsbracelet&necklace &more b4 she got woseused 2 eat cat grass playing fishpole played with her real bird feather,catnip mice other mice ribbons gold cord &many others

hated cleaning ladies&visitors unless she was cool with u saw it as her home her territory ur coming on her turf

Love u always Miley,Mae,Mileslittle girl&other namesAlwayz in my <3333333333333333333333333

 she loved kitty soccer best esp when mama  or other kady or all 3 of us played


 i found few ou ur  stuuffed animal babies friends  Miley with ur fur still on them

ur pawprint memories &yes some of ur fur still here &at times i know u been visiting in spirit i saw u &/I know u sneeked some of Maggies good food but i wont tell her

ur Mama

I created this to her know she was remembered loved&valued anyways she was special&2help me throughthe loss of her


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