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Memorial created 03-15-2017 by
Wendell Fraser
Little Boy
January 4 2004 - March 15 2017

Little Boy was born on January 4, 2004 in a vets office sometime in the afternoon. His mom was a tiny cat and was having difficulties with the birth. He and his sister made it fine. It unfortunately 2 siblings didn't make it. He and his sister were a team to be reckoned with. Always playful kittens and getting into trouble. I loved them both dearly. Unfortunately due to living situations, I had to send them both off to stay at a friends parents house for a little while. My friends parents fell in love with little girl and I mad the choice to split them up. I got a better living situation but Little boy had to become an outdoor cat. He took to it well. Mostly. I could tell that he was getting into fight and not winning but would always come back to see me. Come to find out he had made some me fiends with another family and they were taking care of him also. But he would still come back to me. One time he got hurt paw and came home to me for help. Once I got my own place in the same apartment complex and decided that I would take him in and make him an indoor again. But I could not find him. After settling in to my new place I would look for him but to no availe. I but food out and hope he word find it. One day he should up on the back porch and I brought him in and never let him out. 

We were alway together at home. He was never a lap kitty but was always close by. He had his own spot on the coach and my bed. 


I will I'll miss him dear and hope to see his m again one day.


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