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Memorial created 02-9-2007 by
Carol Anderson
My Copper Girl
April 5 1993 - December 11 2006

In loving memory of our Copper girl...She was truly a kid with fur and we miss her so very much. Have fun Copper and make lots of new friends to run and play with and you don't have to stop at the curb anymore. You can run free and fast as the wind and play with all your new friends...I love you so very much and will think of you each and every day till we are together again. Remember everything you do so you can tell all about your wonderful new life. I miss your "talking" to me. Your paw always on my leg, You were such a "toucher". I miss you coming to greet me everytime I came home, wagging your whole body. I miss the look in your eyes when you wanted me to say yes to something. You were so very intelligent. There are millions of things I will miss about you...and millions of things I will remember about my Furever Friend!


You are my Furever Friend Copper girl and I am so thankful for all the years we had together. And for all the things you tought me. I pray that God will help me to be the kind of person that you thought I was. You taught me so much about love and life. I will make you proud of me. That is what you wonderful furry friends are sent to earth to do,,,A friend of mine said "Copper did what she was sent to us to do so very well. She touched more human lives than alot of humans do and left a little bit of herself with each one."


Oh how I love those big brown eyes that would tell me just what you wanted me to know..I could see into your very soul just by looking into your eyes ..We were so very blessed to have you in our lives and in our hearts forever..I miss your wet kisses that covered my whole face. I miss hugging your big furry neck and kissing your head...You were so smart... We understood each other perfectly...I would tell you to go ask dad for something and you would look at me like "Ya Right, you know he doesn't understand a word I say" I loved the ????? in your eyes and knew just what you meant. I know others thought we were silly...but that is ok...WE knew we understood each other didn't we??


You will be able to feel the sun and smell the flowers now without having the hurts and struggles of your life here on more pain or fatigue. I ask God every morning and every nite to give you hugs for me and scratch your chin and ears like you love. I know he loves you as much as I. You are just what he had in mind when he created his beautiful furry creatures.


Copper died on Dec.11, 2006 from Bone Cancer. I am so very thankful for the 9mo we had after we learned you were ill. We had a wonderful summer and fall. The pain meds did their job and we sat and had alot of Quality time together..You loved being outside watching all the goings on of your little corner of the world. You kept track of the squirrels and loved watching the birds You loved your Milk Bones and never passed up a chance to "Ask" for one from everyone who would listen, especially your very good friend Robbie Jo. I would love to hear the stories you are telling all your new Furry friends about the silly things your mom and your human friends did. Bet you are having some good laughs up there.


This is where you spent so much of your time watching cars and people and dogs walking...You would not go into the street or out of your yard. Everyone thought we had an electronic dog fence, but you were just that smart. You loved the Daycare kids who came here everyday. You just knew that you were one of them. You were truly just a kid with fur. If they got in line for anything you would be in line with them. You helped several children over the years get rid of their fear of dogs. After only a week or so they would be feeding you treats out of their hand. They all miss you so very much. We tell "Copper" stories really often. We really miss you standing under the table at snack time waiting for things dropped or things handed.


You LOVED playing basketball. You would jump and catch it in your front paws and then pop it back to who had thrown it. Were you related to Air Bud?? You know he is in heaven too Copper. You two will have to start a team up there so you can play for your mom when she gets there. You loved stuffed animals and one time you went to a Garage sale on our block with me and there were a box of animals there. I told you "Copper do you want to pick out an animal?" you looked at me with those ??? in your eyes and then wagged your tail and stuck your nose in the box and dug a bit and picked one out, then carried it to the gal for me to pay and carried it home...wagging your tale all the way. You left a whole driveway full of people laughing that day. One of your favorite things to do was to walk with your best friend from the other end of the block. You were so lucky to have so many human friends, but then you thought you were human too.


You are my "Furever Friend" Copper Remember how I would talk to you about that? Remember I told you you would have to go away for awhile but it would be so wonderful for you and that we will be together again and forever next time. I love you more than words can say Copper, You are my Furever Friend! You are watching the birds flying in this photo...are you wondering what it will be like to be able to run and chase and play again? Now you are doing this free and happy and healthy and enjoying everything with all the wonder that God had planned for you. Until we are together again, my girl. All my love...MOM.


The day after you died I went to the mall to get some gifts I had to get. I was in a daze...could not even think without breaking down and all of a sudden I found myself in front of a counter of ornaments. I believe God..... or you led me there, for in the middle of this long counter was this "Running Dog". The only one. In fact the only one like that I have ever seen. It looks like you and it is running like I know you are doing right now. You have not been able to do that for so long. It took my breath away. I know it was a sign from up above to help my aching heart.


I have added photos to the Album page and more memories on page two of this memorial...Today my girl has been gone for 5 months. I miss you Copper girl and want you to be happy and having fun with all of your new friends. You still fill my heart with love and memories and will until the day we are once again together..I love you Copper...Mom Stop by Copper's Guest Book and say Hi......I would love to meet you...Carol


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