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Memorial created 02-9-2007 by
Sarah Manning
Brownie (Alfie)
March 5 2004 - December 26 2006

In loving memory of our beautiful cat Brownie who we love so much. Everyday we think of you and we miss you so very much Forever in our hearts Sam & Sarah The journey started in May 2004.... I had resigned from my career and you were a tiny kitten needing a home. I will never forget the day you arrived, by secret transport which i knew nothing about... here began a relationship so close and so well bonded that losing you has ripped a hole in my heart. I was with you 24-7 and you with me.. we played and we talked and I taught you everything I could... You cost me a fortune when you fell out of the bedroom window onto my head! Two floors you fell and bounced onto me as I set up the BBQ.. so curious as to what I was doing I guess.. We rushed you to the emergency vet but you were right as rain in an hour... You made friends with another cat older than you, who lived two doors away.. I watched you both play and you brought him home.. Jerry was his name. Then you stole his toy mice, 9 in total, all different colours.. and we posted them back (bar the orange mouse) in a Christmas card almost 'admitting' our boy was a thief! Orange mouse became a legend alongside you, we wrote a song all about your antics with this mouse and recorded it onto CD. Often we would find you and Jerry snuggled up in the spare room together, no doubt catching up on some sleep after partying all night! But we had to move house and that was so sad for you because you lost your playmate that day.. When we got to our next home you seemed happy enough, and you tried to make friends with mums cat Candy.. but she was not so much fun to be around so you were a bit lonesome.. But it was only temporary as we moved into a proper home in May 2006, and you seemed to love being there. You brought home many mice (real ones) and as i had taught you well, always dropped them alive and in one piece at my feet... so i could give you lots of fuss and a special meal then release the poor things back into the garden while you weren't looking.. You found your favourite spot on the stairs and your hair would accumulate regularly.. beautiful long brown hair that was different to any other hair i had felt.. so soft .... When Tolly our 21 yr old Burmese was ill, you showed such patience, and when he went out for his walks you followed and supervised.. When we took a walk you would walk with us, so trusting of me that you would follow me anywhere.. it was so lovely to see you do this willingly, no silly harnesses for you! Often i would have to take the car to the shop because if i walked you would want to be with me.... You learnt very young to reach up with your fluffy brown front paws onto my legs to say hello- and sometimes when holding a hot pan of rice this wasn't always the best of things to do! But a greeting is a greeting and I loved you for it. You learnt 'roly poly's' where i could tap the floor and you would roll for me... and you rarely 'spoke' as you were never hungry.. You loved your biscuits and we always left a full bowl for you and a tin of wet food a day... the vet said you were perfect and healthy when we took you for your injections in december.. You didn't live to get your second jab... we had a final walk on the night of 23rd December.. where you ran and played on the local green.. somewhere you had not been with us before, it is a memory i have playing over and over again in my head.. your huge tail bolt upright as you ran only a couple of feet ahead, excited as to where we may be going... Christmas day we gave you Sheba as a special treat.. and then we went off for the day to relatives. I don't remember seeing you that night, and i wonder where you spent it... The next morning at 9.30am there was a loud knock at the door.. a neighbour in another street had found your lifeless body by the kerb.. They said that they heard a car stop and then drive away.. Whoever killed you just left your beautiful body in the road, for which I will never forgive.. because I may have been able to save you had they not done so... Your death shattered me and I am crying as i type, because I have never loved an animal the way i loved you. On a silent morning on a quiet road where Tolly lived for 21 years, you were killed.. The irony and the sheer bad luck will forever haunt me. You lay in a box for almost two days as I didn't know what to do.. I finally got the spade from the shed and began digging.. you were laid to rest in our garden soon after. Words alone cannot describe how you touched my life, you were there at a point in my life where I was facing all kinds of emotions from years of high stress and traumatic events, and you would place a paw on my face when I cried as if you knew how i felt.. It was tragic that you were taken, never mind how young you were.. I know I gave you 150 % but I couldn't stop you from dying and that pains me beyond belief. We have a plaque with a well known phrase which i shall place on your grave when the spring arrives. ''If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, we'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again'' You are forever in our hearts my darling brownie xx


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