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Memorial created 02-15-2007 by
Laura Strott
April 1 1998 - February 14 2007

Our Bohdi doggie was a good boy and we loved him very much. Bohdi was a lab and great dane mix. We got him as a puppy and he soon grew into a beast of a dog. He looked like a baby cow. I don't know how he lived as long as he did, considering everything that he got into. You name it and he ate it...chocolate, eggs, the linoleum floor, the bay window.... He was a pooping machine and never quite learned that the basement wasn't grass and it wasn't outside. Bohdi was big and he served well as a protector of his family, but everyone who knew him knows that he was really a big baby. Bohdi loved everyone and always had a lick, a nuzzle, or a wag of his tail for all that he met. He especially loved his family and everyday when we came home, he was waiting for us and watching out the bay window. Over the last two years, Bohdi calmed down and turned out to be the sweetest, nicest dog you'll ever meet. He was tall and beautiful. People always commented on how attractive looking he was. Bohdi loved attention and was always at my side or by Katie and Shane's. Although, he was a big dog he liked to be right in your lap or leaning on you. He loved his kitties, Timber and Toulouse. Timber especially loved Bohdi and has been wandering around the house looking for Bohdi and meowing. Bohdi loved to chase the squirrels up the oak tree in the front yard. He loved his walks, especially with Katie. He liked to play in the snow. He loved to ride in the car and put his head out the window. He loved to cuddle and he loved to be sung to. I hate one word the most and it is the cancer word. It has affected so many people in our lives. Our poor Bohdi got lymphoma and couldn't beat it. He was such a big strong dog it was hard to tell how sick he was. When we took our last drive, he walked out to the car with his tail wagging and seemed to enjoy the drive. It was a beautiful day and the sun was shining. When we got to the vet, Shane walked him in and Bohdi walked happily alongside him....a boy and his dog. It was a hard thing to do, but the right thing, to give Bohdi his peace. No more pain, no more cancer. He went with me holding him in my arms and Shane lovingly caressing him. We told him how much we loved him and I couldn't have asked for it to be any more peaceful. Katie, Shane, and I will miss and love you, Bohdi, always. You were a part of our family and we will never forget you and the good times that we shared. I would like to think that someday we will see you again, but until that time we can meet in our dreams. Go well, our sweet boy. One last time for you Bohdi-Doobie doobie do, do do dah doobie, doobie doobie do, do do dah doobie do...


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