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Memorial created 02-17-2007 by
Jon & Heather Ferguson
March 0 2004 - February 15 2007

In loving memory of our Rudy who we love so much. It is the deepest need for human beings to be truly loved and accepted. Oddly enough we too often hold this back from one another. Rudy used every day of his short life to offer his family nothing but all of his love and affection. The love he carried in his huge heart for his family, even in sickness will be dearly missed. When we first brought him home in May of 2004 we had decided on the name “Tucker”. After spending 24 hours with this amazing 3 pound puppy it was clear that he needed a name that reflected his heart. We decided to change his name to “Rudy” after the famed Notre Dame football player who lacked size and skill but had the heart of a lion. We could tell right away that this little guy was going to be something special. His eyes were so deep as they seemingly told us how much he loved us and it seemed as if every day he couldn’t give us enough kisses. Maybe he knew that he didn't have much time. Rudy was always very eager to please. I have a fond memory of when he was being potty trained. After a successful outing of going to the bathroom outside we would celebrate, clapping our hands and praising him. He would get the biggest smile on his face and come running back to us as fast as his little legs would carry him to join the celebration. He was absolutely ecstatic that we were proud of him. Rudy loved his attention and quickly mastered the art of positioning his body so that it was all too convenient for your hand to give him a belly scratch. It didn’t take long for everyone who came into contact with him to fall in love with him. He had that once in a lifetime special charisma that just drew everyone to him. There was just something in his eyes that was so deep and loving. And he loved his family aggressively! He would lick and lick and lick your face until you couldn’t take it anymore. My bond with Rudy developed so quickly. We were two pees in a pod. It was as if God handed me the absolute perfect dog for me. A dog that loved to wrestle and chase balls but who also was the absolute master of snuggling. Each night he would nestle in next to me in bed and position his self so we could spoon. Rudy could be very timid in certain areas and very bold in others. Such a great mixture of gentleness and fiestiness. Any time I looked at Rudy I couldn't help but smile. He just had that effect on me. I loved everything about him. From his little waddle when he walked to the way he used to lie on his back and swat at the air and paw at his nose to try and entice his sister into playing with him. His sister was much more agile and athletic then him but that didn't keep him from giving his all in trying to catch her. After Heather and I married Rudy got demoted from the bed to a nice comfortable pillow on the floor. Now, he didn’t take to the demotion easily. He would sit there and stare at you with his desperate eyes pleading to be let up (I frequently snuck him up in the middle of the night). His pillow was right next to my side of the bed and I would lean down several times every night and pet him while he slept. He would always look up at me and smile, his eyes telling me, “I love you daddy”. He would crouch down ready for lift off and give us the most desperate eyes when he wanted to jump up in our arms (which was all the time). He loved to be held and carried around like a baby. He had 100% trust in us.

Buddas was VERY passionate about eating. Each meal he consumed as if it would be his last. I remember when we got back from our honeymoon Rudy stayed with my brother Erik and had taken full advantage of an open food dish and got SO fat. He looked adorable as a little chub.

Another fond memory is when we took Rudy and the kids snow sledding a couple years ago. Rudy was truly in his element. He was running everywhere, chasing the kids down the hill while they were on their sleds having the time of his life. I even took him down with me on my sled for a few runs. He loved it. Actually, the very last time I saw him act frisky was during a recent snow storm. We let him outside and he danced around in the snow. If only I had known that would be his last time. I would have stayed out there with him for hours. It didn’t take me long to start giving Rudy nicknames. The one the stuck was “Buddas”. We actually called him Buddas more than we called him Rudy. Soon I would call him “son”. I know he viewed me as his daddy and I was more than proud to call him son. Rudy was great with the kids. He never snipped at Jonathan even though Jonathan would frequently tug on his ears and pull his hair. Jonathan also loved to come up to Rudy and give him big hugs. Some nights he would push Savanna's bedroom door open and jump on her bed to snuggle. Often times if she needed comfort she asked to have Rudy sleep with her. It is very sad for me that Jonathan will not remember Rudy. You never know what you will get when you buy a dog and with Rudy we won the lotto. Something that Heather and I were very excited about was that Schipperkie’s have one of the longest life expectancy’s of all dogs. We had hoped that Rudy would be around until Jonathan graduated from high school. I wanted Jonathan to experience what it would be like to be raised with such a special, special dog. Savanna will remember him, but what a treat it would have been for her to grow into adult hood having him around. Any place I went in the house Rudy would follow. If I lied down on the floor he would lie down and put his head on my chest. If I was on the couch he would jump up and sit on my lap. If his sister Rose tried to join us he would give her a little snarl to let her know that she wasn't invited to the party. He did not like to share our attention. In many ways I feel like I am losing both a son and a brother. I want the pain to go away but I don’t ever want to forget him or feel less for him. I have lost dogs before. I had my first dog for 16 years and I grew up with him as I had hoped would be the case with Rudy and my kids. It really hurt losing my dog Sigmund. But now he is a memory. I can talk about him and I don’t have that same feeling in my heart. I don’t ever want to lose this special place in my heart that I have for Buddas. I am very grateful for the time that I have had with him. He has touched me and my family very deeply. We included him in each of our Christmas cards and even had him in our wedding slide show. He isn’t just a dog to us. He is an important part of our family. I will never forget you Buddas. I love you and I pray that I will see you someday in Heaven fully healthy. If I had it my way I would see you again and you would run to me with that smile and jump in my arms and lick my face just like you did every night when I came home. I just can’t imagine heaven without you. Thank you for loving us, my Rudy, Buddas, Son. Love, Daddy Rudy will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.


Rudy, my beloved friend. Thank you so much for the time that you gave to us. We will cherish you forever. You have touched this family so deeply. Losing you has been devastating. There have been so many wonderful memories of you flooding back to us, so many things we are going to miss. There will never be another!!! Love, Mommy


The day that Jon proposed to me at Cannon Beach we had the whole crew with us, Savanna, Rudy and Rose. This was a day of Joy and of laughter. While Jon was proposing Rudy took it upon himself to dig in the sand covering Jon and the book bag. Later that day Jon and Savanna took the dogs across this little river and I stayed on the other side. Rudy noticed I wasn't with them and he jumped into river all 6 lbs of him to come back to Mommy. It was so sweet seeing him swim for his little life and the river taking him down stream. He finally made it to me. I had to tuck him inside my shirt to warm his little body up. He didn't want anyone warming him and snuggling him at that moment except for mommy. It was so sweet. He was my little man!!!


Jon with baby Rudy. Rudy was the ULTIMATE snuggler.


Savanna with her car buddy. He looks so big on her lap. The perfect companion.


The Ferguson Family 2006 Christmas Card


Rudy(right) with his sister Rose(left)snuggling with daddy.


I lost a special friend today the kind you can't replace, and looking at his empty bed I still can see his face. I know he's in a special place our Lord has for such friends, Where meadows, fields & flowers help make them strong and whole again. I know he's watching over me He'll be with me when I cry, So with one more kiss on his beloved head I told my friend goodbye.


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