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Memorial created 02-25-2007 by
Lynda H
March 3 1996 - January 30 2006

That honest face and adoring eyes

In loving memory of our Abby who we love so much. Abby will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

Abby, my very first dog, and one of the best friends I have ever had on this earth, was gathered up into her Creator's arms on January 30, 2006. I had never known the love of a faithful dog until she became my friend. She acted not only as a gentle companion, but as a guardian from the evils of this world. I was never to walk alone into a dark basement, or to take the trash out into the night. If pain or worry sent me to the couch to sleep, Abby came with me and slept on the floor beside me. I would reach down and feel her thick, warm fur and feel that all was well with the world. I used to be so afraid. With my gentle warrior by my side, this fear fell away. It was replaced by peace. This peace was mine to keep forever. It did not leave me when Abby died.


Abby gives me a kiss -- a cold whiskery nose bonk

When I was upset or angry, Abby would approach me humbly and her tail wagging low, and breath softly in my face until I allowed her to rest her muzzle over my shoulder. She stayed with me, breathing softly and nuzzling as I rested against her. She would not leave until my whole being was drained of upset and filled with warmth and peace. Where did those upset feelings go -- did she take them upon herself to suffer? She would have done this gladly, I know.

Silly girlie resting against her boy's leg

How happy you were just to be with us -- at our feet, sitting besides us, or gliding along silently wherever we went. You never demanded special attention, but were content to watch our family happenings, almost invisibly.


One of the beautiful places we shared

I will always remember the joy you experienced when we visited the creek and the wooded path. You showed me that I could find thrills, contentment and pure joy on our local hiking path, woods and little creeks. Although you are gone, I find that joy, beauty, and love are still to be found on this earth. Will you continue to glide along by my side? Your presence comforts me. You have taught me how to love so many simple pleasures and I want to continue to share these moments with you.


I prepare my heart during Abby's last days

This picture was taken during Abby's very last trip to the vacation cottage we rent. She was very sick with cancer, but we decided to take her since she loved the beach so much. I loved her so much. I knew these were my last days with her and I would miss her terribly. Thank you God, for sending this noble creature into my life. I will try to live as the kind of person she thought I was. She saw in me a person of the highest quality of character and refused to allow me to be anything less.


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