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Memorial created 03-2-2007 by
Reuven Levin
April 0 2004 - November 22 2006

As for the way you came to my life,
I could think you came from a special place.
Just to change my life for ever
with your quirks and grace.

Why all this happened?
Did you try to tell me something in particular?
You know, I am not longer the same.
Because you were my friend.
And also because you left.


I can only wonder, from where did you came from?
I have so many questions over the horizon.
But I'll need time and a sensitive ear
to hear your answers from beyond.

I would like to say that in the rush of my existence
I plan to look for you these small moments,
to learn more from your mysterious, holy little soul.

As for my life, you made a difference.
The day I looked into your eyes
we both knew and understood,
this link cannot longer be broken down.


Tragedies, illnesses, despairs,
are just part of some physical world far away.
You already moved beyond these affairs.
At the frontier that by now, only you really know.

For twenty three days and nights,
I searched all to bring you back home.
But this time you got the final freedom.
Now destiny has separated us, though.

I want you to know that when the day comes,
I will search for you once again.
But this time, will you open the golden gate to me,
the golden gate of your new Kingdom?

Because our separation is temporary,
So I learned, out there.
I really wish the idea be true.
Just imagine what it means. . .
we will again be only one, somehow, somewhere.



© Reuven Levin




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