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Memorial created 03-3-2007 by
Hanna Martinez
My Girrl
August 2 1991 - March 2 2007

In loving memory of our My Girrl who we love so much. My Girrl will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

This is the song that played when you finally came home with us. You had a terrible beginning but a happy ending. We promised we would never leave you and we never did. You are so great and we thank you for being such a good girl. We love you My Girrl. We will miss you so much. You went to find Pauly & Sheba. I love you my baby girrl, everyone loves you. I'll never forget you. One of the best memories I have you and I walking to 7/11 to get snacks, you would wait outside for me. I really loved taking you out for walks to the park, going to petsmart or petco. One time I bought you a $50 leather collar and you ate it, silly baby. I can't believe all the wonderful things you did for your family.I miss you, I love you always,you are my Lassie. Love, Hanna


My Girrl, I fell in love with you the first time I saw you. When I found out you had no home, I tried my hardest to bring you home with us. I promised you would be a part of our family. You have given us many gifts about life, and it isn't just me but your Nana, Tata, Tios, MaryJane, and Daddy. You were so gentle, and lovely. You are the best girl in the world. I am so happy you got to live out the rest of your life with our family. Myself, Daddy, MaryJane, Little Sister, T-Bone, Thiamine, and KITTAN will miss you being here. You did the best job any dog could do. I Love You So Much, I will always love you. Love, Mama Vicki


I miss you My Girrl Love, MaryJane


She loved knocking at the door to come in or to get a treat. Bio's looking at her, maybe teasing.



First day home

She was so happy to have a family that loved her.



Turkey Day, yay!

She loved Thanksgiving, we would say was her favorite day.


The first day she saw T-bone she took care of him like he was her pup. She let him nurse from her, she had no milk.




She knows all the tricks. stay,sit,catch,jump,guard, always playing jokes on us.




We will miss you.  



(16 years old) hanging out  


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