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March 21 1997 - February 18 2007


In loving memory of our beautiful girl, Molly, whom I love with all my heart. Molly will be missed each moment of everyday and be in our hearts forever.

Molly was my best friend, she was the light of my life. She was always there for me, during the good and the bad. She never left my side, and when she was diagnosed with cancer, with insulinoma, in 2003, and we were told she had 2 months to live, Molly was determined to prove the "experts" wrong! She fought hard and lived, healthy and happy, for 4 years longer, showing everyone that miracles do happen. Molly is proof that miracles exist. My angel...


That shiny, beautiful, goofy girl with the big ears!

I cannot express my grief, or tell you, Molly, how I am going to go on without you. You were my life, my reason for being. Along with the human "cub", Emily, you were the best things to happen to my life, ever. Without you, our family is broken and I don't know how to continue...I am hoping that you will show me the way...


On her chair

My goofball girl. Always seeing the fun in every situation and making us all laugh. I will miss you with every cell of my being, every second of every hour of every day... My love is with you always. I will never forget the bond between us...


favorite toy

I can only hope and pray that you are now in the arms of the angels. And that you will forever live within my heart...and wait for me...



My sweet girl, you were my best friend, ever. I will live forever in the shadow of your greatness, love, and courage. And I will remember that you lived every day to the fullest - to make me happy and loved. You deserve only the best. To be in the arms of the healthy.

sleeping with your buddy, Lucy
Molly and the stuffed toys she loved...

My angel girls



Flowers from Farmer's Market, on "Molly's table" where she would eat... I try to get the flowers every week...


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