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melissa peace
September 10 2004 - March 4 2007

Christmas 2006

"It's not the quantity of life one has,it's the quality that matters" In loving memory of my sweet baby girl, beloved girl had severe arthritis,Cushing's disease,& a neurological disease..Rest In Peace.. what a journey she has had,i was lucky enough to share it with her for 2 years..she was dumped literally in a ditch,she had Parvo..she was the only one that survived,out of 4 puppies..we actually adopted her sister Hope first,who passed away 5 days after we got her..i chose the name Faith because it just Grandpa had passed away the same day as Hope,& Faith really helped me deal with Grandpa's death..i know i rescued her,but SHE saved ME.. she protected me from two break in's,she helped me through a near death illness..she was 6 months old when we got her & we'd never had a puppy long term..boy,did we learn quick!-shredded kleenex,toilet paper,chewed up table legs..the first few weeks i thought "oh lordy,what did we just do adopting a pup?!" was hilarious,in a way!..Faith definitely tried our patience during her puppy days,but in return.she gave us all the love she had..her & i took daily walks,as she got her first taste of all the sights,sounds,& smells of the big outdoors..we moved to a house in the country & Faith & i had some of our best times together there..we'd take long walks along those windy,country roads..we'd sit on the porch,listen to the sounds of the night..we had a huge yard & Faith & i played many games of fetch there..we moved to Colorado a year ago,& Faith loved to play in the snow..we hiked many mountains & trails..she got to know & love my nephews,sister,mom,dad..she wove her way into everyone's hearts,& became family to them..she made many doggy friends here-Ayla,Dixie,Aspen,Maddie,Michael,to name a few..Faith loved to play fetch,tug of war,& her favorite tricks were shaking,rolling over,jumping up,& playing peek a boo..


She loved the snow!October 2006

Faith loved the snow & played in it every chance she got!..i loved to watch her run,snow flying up behind her..she was loved very much,by so her Mama,her Daddy,sister Star,2nd Mom Tonja,Aunty Jess,my nephews,my Mom & Dad..You are forever in our hearts..Rest in peace baby girl,I love you..Thank you,for adopting me..for loving me,making me laugh..thank you for all the kisses,snuggles,times you protected me..thank you for coming into my life & making my days brighter & happier..i will miss so much-your squishy face,your beautiful brown eyes that looked amber in the sunlight,the way you felt cuddled up next to me..i will miss watching you run so fast you have grass flying as you go,your games of peek a boo,watching you & Daddy play..a million memories flood my mind,of you..i'm grateful for every minute we had together..loving you has been one of my greatest joys in life..


Faith and my nephews,January 2007

Faith was the most loving dog i've ever known..once you had her love & trust,you were forever hers..Faith had a way of touching everyone's lives,she was a true blessing to so many..she was my best friend,my constant companion..Faithy,i will never forget you or the love & bond we had..


Faith adored her sister Star..we adopted Star in july of 2006..Faith & her were of the things i miss the most is watching them play & sleep together..


one day dear Faith,you & Mama will have all the time in the world for kisses & pawshakes..i miss the warmth of your paw in my hand,i miss kissing the top of your head..until we meet again my girl..


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