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Memorial created 03-16-2007 by
cathy johnson
March 11 2007

Reggie, aka Reginald, aka Reg, aka Fish Eyes, was delivered to me on a rainy night during my 18th year. I don't know how old Reggie was when my roommate found him outside, but we rescued him from the storm and he soon became my bestfriend. After moving to the country, he found he would rather be outside than in. He was a pretty hefty tabby that weighed in over twelve lbs, but despite his large stature, he shivered whenever a storm rolled through. Twinkies had a narcotic effect on him.Everytime we would open a twinkie rapper he would climb all over us to try to get some of it. The last time I saw him he was laying contently in the sun soaking up some rays. I had no idea I would never see him again.


Reggie, you have been with me for twelve years. I have just embarked on my third decade and you have embarked on the greatest journey of them all. You always knew when I was sad and in need of comfort. You were very important in my life and I will miss you very much. Our family has lost one of its most precious and unique members. We love you and hope that you are well taken care of!


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