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Memorial created 03-17-2007 by
Lori Sibley
December 20 1993 - March 5 2007

Molly on one of her cat houses

In loving memory of our Molly Maia, who we love so much. Molly will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.


Molly in one of her beds & baby blanket

Molly was a very smart and special cat. She was unlike any cat we have ever owned. She was very spoiled, loved to lay in her beds, which she had several of, covered up with baby blankets, which she also had several of. She loved to eat her food, and knew whenever you brought a new bag of food home. If she saw you bring it in, then she refused to eat any food that was from the older bag, and if you didn't open the new bag, she opened it herself.


Molly out in the back yard

Molly loved to go outside, although she was an inside cat. We bought her a collar and a leash, and took her out in the back yard. We would sit out with her. She would act like she was just going to lay on the grass, and maybe sleep, but the second that you looked away, she was off and running either to climb up a tree, or get underneath the shed.


Molly in her shopping cart

Molly loved to play with her toys. She had a shopping cart, several balls, that she would use her paws to tap the ball to you, and then when you sent it back to her, she'd send it back to you. She loved tiny troll dolls, necklaces, ropes, shoe laces. She loved to hide, and had several hiding places. If we were gone for awhile, and came home and didn't see her, then we had to hunt for her. She hid under the couch, in the closets, under bedspreads, under blankets, in a left open dresser drawer, and under the bed. She liked to play hide and seek. If you hid and called her name, she would come and find you.


Molly under my Dallas Cowboy blanket

Molly was the first cat that we have ever had who was stubborn. If you wanted her to do something she would not do it. Molly's favorite places to sleep were either in her bed, or by the front door if it was open so she could lay in the sunlight, or on the back of the couch so she could look out the window.


Trying without much luck to get her to wear the Santa hat

Molly did not like to be dressed up. We got her several little hats, and she would wear them for a few minutes, but then it came off. She would wear necklaces.


Molly with her stuffed animals

Molly loved stuffed animals. She liked to play with all of the Taco Bell dogs that we have. She would watch as you made the dog say whatever it would say.

Molly up high in the hall way closet

Molly loved to lay her head on the pillow, and then she would work until she got herself all covered up under the bedspread. We had left one day, with her in the living room, and when we came back she was like this in the bedroom.


Molly loved to be sprayed with water. She also loved to drink her water out of a dixie cup, and it had to be on the edge of the bath tub. She wanted it to be fresh water, every time, even if only 5 minutes had passed. She would sit on the edge of the bathtub until you came and dumped out the water and put fresh water in.


Molly got this for Christmas one year. She loved to sharpen her claws on it, or lay on it. This Christmas present we didn't wrap, but she loved to unwrap her other presents.


Molly loved to get in boxes, or suitcases. Anytime we were going to go on a trip, we would get a suitcase out to pack, but before we could get it packed she would get in it, and not get out of it, or she would if we had packed manage to get some of the clothes out with her paws, and get in.


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