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Memorial created 03-18-2007 by
Nina Adams
September 11 2002 - March 16 2007

In loving memory of our Jackson who we love so much. Jackson will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.He was my angel and my best friend.He had my heart and no other could take his place.He will always be my baby.I miss you so much and i think about you from the moment i wake up until i lay down.My heart hurts so much and there's nothing that can take my pain away.Momma loves you,Jackson,always and forever.


You were my baby,my son and my best friend.You knew everything about me.You were always there to comfort me when i needed to cry,when i was sick or just to be close to me.You knew how to push my buttons.You were so spoiled and you knew it!:) The first time i laid my eyes on you,you stole my heart.You were so perfect and beautiful.I still remember the day.It was September 11,2004 in Calhoun at Shoney's parking lot.As soon as your previous owner opened her car door you came running out and right to me.The both of us was so excited and that's when you stole my heart.You loved to go for a ride even if it was through the yard and just having the wind blowing through your hair.You loved the sunshine and laying in it.It was always your favorite place to be especially when you and I would go outside and play.You made me so happy that i felt like a kid again.You were my angel and you always will be.How i wish you were still here with me.You left me alone and took a peice of me with you.It hurts so bad when i get up and i don't see your face but mostly when i come home from work.You'd always be looking through the windows or running up to my car just so happy to see me.And it pains me to know that you're not there.But you left me with Jake and he misses you.At first he didn't realize that you wern't coming home.He would go outside and look for you and wait by the door to see if you were coming out.And then he followed me to your grave and sniffed around and he gave me those big brown sad eyes.He misses you so much.He always tortued you and now its me.We both love and miss you so much.


You died on March 16,2007.I came home from work,stopped to check the mail and you came running across the street.She was driving too fast and didn't see you.You were hit by a car because you wanted to see me.I held you for the longest and i didn't want to let you go!I've never been so hurt or felt so much pain like i did that day.My little baby was gone and i couldn't bring you back.We buried you in the backyard in the sunshine.I love you,Jackson and i'll never forget you.Rest in Peace my Angel.


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