Creating memorials in loving memory of our pets...

Memorial created 03-20-2007 by
Molly Ebert
February 21 1991 - March 6 2007




In loving memory of our Yukon who we love so much. Yukon will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. I miss you so were my baby.


I miss you too mama!!!

We had 16 years together..priceless...cherished... now devastated..please tell me somehow time will help me heal my broken heart.for now...goodbye sweetheart. You will forever be in my matter how broken. I think of you every day, miss you all the time. I live for the day I can cuddle you again, see you on the other side sweetie. XXOXOX, Mama.


I miss you so much sweetie...I cannot wait to hold you again...without you I am not complete... I LOVE YOU FOREVER!

that face!
dozing with daddy

Dozing with mommy

I would give anything to go back to this moment in time.
My forever love

I cannot believe that I found the strength to put you in your urn, it is so beautiful, just like you were. It has all of your colors, such a unique find. I still can't believe you are gone. God I miss you so much.


This picture was taken about 2 hours before you look so well in this picture, it all happened so fast I don't didn't seem like your time to go...but there is never a "right" time..please be there when it is my turn!


I wear one of these lockets everyday.. There is some of your hair in one of the lockets, and your hair and a claw in the other. You are with me always

my sweet baby
your first picture
Happier times
Yukon with his friend Jack..who died young from being hit by a car chasing a squirrel..poor baby,,,b

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