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In Memory of my Beautiful Princess

Memorial created 04-27-2007 by
Michelle Harvey
Princess Baby Girl
April 9 1993 - April 2 2007

My three girls. Thank you Lauvern.

“Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.”

Theodor (Dr. Seuss") Geisel

I wish it was that easy.

Memories of you all today as we took our first trip of the season to KVI beach. The water was clear, shallow toward shore for Bee and Ma and deeper out a bit for Princess and Kit. We walked about a mile down the shore and I thought fondly of the many walks we took together here. Missing those of you across the bridge very much.



We did not know your actual birthdate but we picked you at the local humane society on this day so it became your special day. You are often missed and talked of with love Ms Ma. 







  April 2, 2007-April 2, 2017


Ten years ago my beautiful Princess crossed the bridge to freedom. Freedom from pain, freedom to be as she once was, whole and rejuvinated. I revel in the joy she must have experienced but still feel immense sorrow that she is no longer with me physically.  The path to her resting place has been refreshed with new wood chips. The clover I have tended over the years is coming back after its winter sleep. The forest is coming alive, new growth everywhere. Reminders of the years we spent together there, building trails, planting and playing are all around. Oh for just one more day in the forest with you. I love you Baby Girl.


HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY to my beauty Bailey (aka Little Bee), March 7, 2017.

In spite of all of the challenges you faced, I felt sure you would be with us on our trip (your trip) to Orcas this year. I thought you would defy the odds and make it to your 13th birthday but it was not to be. There are notes about our trip on your page....


I hope 2017 is a happier year and I wish all of my critters friends the best.


to all of my angels across the Rainbow Bride. Each of you missed and remembered with love gratitude and joy


Marquisea is celebrating her 9th angel day across the bridge on November 24. On that day she became whole again. The pain in her leg from her osteosarcoma was gone and she could romp as she one did with Princess and now Bailey. All of my angel are missed every day and I love them all with all of my heart.



March 7, 2004-November 4, 2016


Spring and Summer 2016

Spring, time to work in the forest as we did many days. Planting, weeding, making trails. We were a team. Ahh summer. While Princess was not a fan of warm weather she did love to swim. And, of course, she loved her ice cream! Think of you often Princess when Kit and Bailey go to the beach. But then, you are never far from my thoughts no matter when or where.




Celebrate with all of your freinds: Dale, Copper, Sammy, Cupcake, Luna, Saada, Molly, Barbra, Cinnie, Luke, Toby, Rowdy, Lil' Joe, Klaus, Liam, Deputy Dog, Delilah, Lucky, and more. I will celebrate in my heart the fact you came into this world and into my heart for almost 14 wonderful years. (New page Happyy 23rd Birthday.)




PLEASE VISIT my new page, "9 years without you".


I came across the above quote on our local Golden Retriever Rescue site (Evergreen Golden Retriever Rescue). Princess would have loved the idea that Dr. Seuss presides over her memorial. It is getting only slightly easier to live by that even though it is so true. How blessed I was to have shared so many years with such a dear friend.

September 2010.

This is borrowed from Hunter's memorial and says it all especially about goldens:

You are not the sunrise
You are not the sunset
You are the sun!


January 2015

Another year has come and gone without you. Bailey grows older and more frail. I look at the pictures of you with her when she was just a puppy and connot believe the time has flown by so fast. I am not sure how much longer it will be before she will meet you across the bridge. I still miss you so very much as cannot think about saying goodbye to another furbaby. Love you Princess.

October 2014 

"The reality is that you will grieve forever.  You will not 'get over' the loss of a loved one; you will learn to live with it.  You will heal, and you will rebuild yourself around the loss you have suffered.  You will be whole again but, you will never be the same.  Nor should you be the same, nor would you want to." by Elizabeth Kubler Ross & John Kessler.

April 2014 

Seven years have passed since you crossed the Rainbow Bridge and now my dad has met you there. I still tell everyone who will listen about you and how special you were. 

April 2013 

Six years have now passed and I still miss my beautiful girl. 

April 2012 


Five years ago Princess was called from my side and received her golden wings. During that time there is not one day that goes by that I do not think of her, the good times and the bad, the happy, the sad and everything in between. No one could have had a better friend and confidant than I had in Princess. No matter how many years pass, I will never forgot this beauitful girl and her amazing spirit. My critters support group has been so helpful in times of great saddnes and I thank the creators and custodians of this site for making it available to those of us who mourn. Special thanks to Vicki S and Lauvern P for making fabulous composite pictures for me to post on special occassions such as this.

I love you Princess and miss you so very much.


April 2010

It has been 3 years since my Princess became an angel.  In the months since that time I have learned alot and met many wonderful people who have shared a similar loss. This site has been my lifeline and now that I am healing, I feel it is my turn to help others who have come here and are hurting.   I am proud to be part of a wonderful core of people who visit the birthday and angelday memorials everyday. I know how much it means to me each time I receive the "New Guestbook entry.." email notification.  I want to pass that along to others who need to know their companions have not been forgotten.  Thank you Princess for all you have given to me. Thank you Critters community for all you have given me too!

 June 2009 addendum

If you are new to Princess's web page you might wonder if I still miss her.  The answer is a resounding YES but my memories are bittersweet now.  Though fewer and fewer people read through her tribute, the fact that it is here and I can remember her myself through my own eyes as time passes is very important to me.  I will continue to work on her pages as life with other furkids goes on and right up until the day I can be with her and the rest of my pack once again.  Thank you for visiting her, please remember to sign her guestbook.


I am adding these thoughts almost 10 months after I lost my Princess. The memorial is sad to read and Princess was not a sad girl. She was JOYOUS. It is the only word that fits her. It is what is missing from our home and my life...that pure JOY!

As time has passed I have had a chance to reflect on her life and what she added to mine and our family. She was a true teacher, so patient and kind. If I was distressed in any way, she came to me instead of hiding or making herself scarce. She took what life offered her, be it good or bad, in stride, always trusting me. If she had something caught in a paw or tangled in her fur, she trusted that I would take care of it. Usually I noticed right away when she came to me and she would stand quietly, waiting for me to help her. In her older years she would get a hitch in her hip. If I slowly rotated and flexed the joint it would loosen up and she would be OK. I remember her slowing up if we were out walking so I could "fix" her up. We had a connection that I have not had with any other creature or person, one that I dearly miss and will treasure forever. With that said, read about my girl and know that the saddness expressed is mine not a reflection of the dearest friend I had.

In loving memory of our Princess whom we love so much. My true soul mate, comforter, friend, task master and Buddha dog, wise beyond all of our years. I did not know those almost 14 years ago how much grace, beauty, love, laughter and tears you would bring into our lives. The lessons you taught us all and continue to teach, even now, after you have gone. The last months of your life were hard but you never complained. Even when you had to have one eye removed and a tooth pulled. But the joy on your face when I cooked your salmon and chicken was a vision I still carry in my mind. How you loved your salmon (wild caught of course!) The free-range chicken was OK too. You even liked your organic vegetables and fruits. Your ritual nose cleaning after eating and roll for joy at the goodness you just received would put the rest of us to shame in our thanks at the dinner table. Your dad didn't mind sharing his breakfast oatmeal either, sorry you couldn't have as many bananas are you would have liked and I regret you did not get one last birthday ice cream cone.

On your last day you only came and asked for help never whining or crying though I know you were in distress. When you stood in the kitchen that day and told me you had to go I felt your only wish was for me to know you loved me and to forgive you for leaving me. At the hospital you used the last of your strength to wag your tail for me one last time and to barely lift your head in acknowledgment of my presence.

Barkley, Critter, Jolean, Kit Kat, Scotter, Tigger, Jazzy, Deeter, Dutchess, Friendly, Bouncy, Towser, Tsuki, Henny Penny, Butterscotch, April, Pernod, Hugger, Smokey and even another Princess all welcomed you at the Rainbow Bridge. So many friends here and now there. Though you may not have known them all, I know the love we had for you and all of them connects us all. The hole you have left in our lives and hearts is immeasurable. Until we meet again, rest and be happy and whole, play in the surf and snow with me by your side in spirit.

  I love you 

Please see page 10 (Just A Dog) for one of the best stories I have ever read about loving a dog and why.


I attended a dog training/behavior seminar last weekend. One of the speakers was Patricia McConnel the famous author, animal behaviorist and trainer who was speaking about the death of her soul mate border collie Luke. I think any one of us could insert our own special companion's name and understand exactly what she means: 

“I imagine Luke's death to be as if someone took all the oxygen out of the air and expected me to live without it.”   

Thank you Lauvern for the lovely photo frame image!








10 weeks old, June 1993

From innocent tiny baby to wise old friend the years you gave me will always be cherished. Thank you Scotty, my husband of 30 years and human love for over 36 years for bringing this wonderful soul into my life. Be free and happy. I know we will meet again.

Many Thanks to Luke's Mom Lauvern for making this lovely photo frame for baby Princess. 


My housemate Marquisea

Marquiséa was adopted as a friend for Princess 12 years ago. She now has ostoesarcoma. Sept 13, 2007: We just returned from our second trip to the veterinay hospital at Washington State University where her wonderful doctor (the same as Princess') and staff gave her palliative radiation treatment and a new drug to help with her pain. If they work we may have her for a month or two longer. We will treasure each moment we have with her until she joins Princess at the bridge. Our loyal and protective family friend Marquiea lost her battle with bone cancer this morning, November 24, 2007, slightly less than 8 months after Princess. She was trapped in a painful body that no longer allowed her to do the things she loved like chase her frisbee or run through the water at the beach after her Kong. Long walks in our forest weren't possible either.

Please read more about her and her angel day updates on her own page here in princess's memorial.




Bailey 8 weeks

Bailey came to live with us in the summer of 2004. Princess helped her learn to be a part of the family...and to smell the flowers. Now Bailey has joined Princess across the Rainbow Bridge.


Sweetness July 7, 2008

Sweetness (now named "Kit") was added to the family on July 7, 2008. See his story on the "Kit" page.


Sunbeam Jolean

 I just realized that our kitties have been negelected here.  This is Jolean who was with our family for 18 years.  Our son Stephen was her person.  You see I do not say she BELONGED to him because she was her own person but she loved him and he adored her.  They were companions from the time he was 6 years old until , well you do the math...18 years.  Her passing was devastating to him.


Miss Parker

Upon visiting Vashon Island Pet Protectors, our local shelter, the one Princess supports every year (see her philanthropy page) my son and I came across this poor pathetic creature.  She was very needy and wanted attention and did not like being around all of the other cats.  She was mostly bald on her back because matts had been shaved from her, she was FIV positive and older (8-10 years) so did not have much going for her as far as adoption was concerned. Long story short, she came to live with us until our son returned from his job in Japan a year later.  She tolerated our dogs but was quite happy to move into her own castle last Feb (09) with our son and be the one and only 4 legged creature there. The resemblance to his beloved Jolean is purely physical as she is as different from her as she could be but he loves her too and they enjoy each other's company.

Monday, January 31, 2011 Miss Parker joined the rest of the Harvey family's dear friends at the Rainbow Bridge. After a valiant battle with FIV and partial paralysis over the past 2 months, it was time for her to be at peace, whole and happy again.  She will be missed, especially by my son who was her person.


Myspace Countups, Autumn Countups at


"What we have once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose.
For all that we love deeply becomes a part of us."
~ (Helen Keller)

This was Princess! My BEST friend...



My magic girl, Princess



From my dear friend Lauvern.

 Christmas 2015...8 years of Christmases without you.

Christmas was so special with you here. Kit and Bailey do not seem to experience the joy you did at this time of year. No snow expected but I know you are running and playing it across the bridge. 


I love you Princess and miss you every single day of every year...but especially this time of year.




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