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Memorial created 05-2-2007 by
Theresa Bulaong
Ricky Boy
April 4 1994 - April 23 2007

Mommy Tree and Ricky-man

In loving memory of my Ricky-man whom I loved so much. This is me and my Ricky dog back in February 2004. He was just diagnosed with diabetes in this photo. He had to get insulin twice a day since. Shortly thereafter, he went blind from the cataracts. He could see shadows and got around excellent. I believe he had far-sighted tunnel vision because he could find a toy I threw, but if it was something underneath his nose he would miss it. We even played with toys until the minute we went to the vet for some routine geriatric blood work. I never expected in a million years that he was never coming home again. He had high lipase levels indicating he had pancreatitis. He was not showing any signs of pancreatitis. When I think back, he started whining just a tiny bit when he tried to lay down and sleep. I thought it was just gas or something minute. I did take him to the vet 4 days prior to be checked out for that whining to see if anything was wrong. Things ran through my mind like "did he miss a step and hurt himself when I wasn't looking" or "is he constipated or have gas" or "does he have a bowel obstruction". So, I had him checked out and the vet said he was fine. But, 4 days later I took him for the geriatric bloodwork on my own call because I just had a feeling something had to be up. So that Friday I took him to the vet was the last time he was home. He even ran down the stairs, jumped in the car, stuck his head out the window to let the wind blow on his face, and walked into the vet. But, for some reason he was battling going inside for the first time ever. I was like "come on in Ricky, you been here so many times". If only I knew what he sensed. Animals are amazing. Ricky filled my life with so much love, knowledge, fun, companionship, loyalty, security, friendship, and meaning. I have been single my whole life and Ricky has been with me most of my adult life. Everything I ever did included him. He was my entire world wrapped up in one little 16 lb. dog. I never left him behind. It's day 12 as I write this memorial here and it's the longest I have ever been without him. It hurts so much and I never felt so lonely and depressed. I have so many things to add to this website, so check in often if you like. I will be updating when I get the courage to look up all his photos and videos. In the meantime, I have picked up a paintbrush for the first time in my life. I have all these wonderful memories I want to share and I appreciate you visiting Ricky's memorial website. I am going to use up every little bit of webspace this site has to offer because I love him so much and have a lifetime of memories I have to share. I would love for you to sign "Ricky's" guestbook because it helps me to know someone cares and understands how it feels to love a pet so much and how it feels to lose one. Losing him has been the most painful thing I have ever experience in my life. Thank you for stopping in. This memorial is probably equivalent to the contents of a novel because I keep entering so much on every page I create. He just meant the world to me and I want the world to know everything about him. I love reading all through If you have a memorial I would love you to link it to me so I can read yours. I understand how much it means to have people care about your pet and your loss. It helps in the healing process in some odd way. Sharing grief? But it does help when you know you are not going through it alone. Knowing that other people feel the heartache makes one feel not so abandoned. Nothing will every replace our beloved pets, but remembering them and all the good times you once shared is so important. Check in periodically because like I said I continuously edit "Ricky's" website when I find more photo's. I wonder how much this site will allow me to hold. I am gonna find out! Love you Ricky. I miss you so much. Mommy "Tree"


Car ride?

This little guy had to always ride shot gun. Even though he could not see, he sure did act like it. One thing he did well was protect the car. I was always embarrassed at the drive thru's the most. He would climb in the back seat and wait for the person to give me the food. Ricky would try to get thier hand, but never did. He would "scream bark" and it could be heard throughout any McDonald's or whatever drive thru we went to. Your my baby. My baby boy. My lil man. Gonna get your nub! You little thing. Mommy loves you so much. I miss you more than anything or words can describe.


Ricky's little buddy

This is the stuffed animal that I now have Ricky's harness on. It sits right there in Ricky's seat now. It feels so empty without him here. I pick up this dalmation stuffed animals whenever I need a Ricky hug. It really helps. I miss him so much.


Our favorite beach access

This is our favorite beach access. He loved the beach more than I did. He knew the word "beach". He would get so excited. He knew it was special to go to the beach. This is where I took him the morning after he died. Ironically no one was there. I laid him on the beach and put a handful of sand on his belly, paws, and nose. I carried him to the waters edge and let his paw touch the water one more time. I carried him swaddled like a baby with his face towards the beach. He looked so beautiful. Since he died in his sleep, his body was still beautiful. The sun made him warm. The wind blew his ears up like sails. His face looked peaceful. He looked like he knew he was at the beach. I kept my promise I would take him. I just didn't know it was gonna be like this.


When I got Ricky as a puppy

I accidentally met Ricky. I was visiting a friend of a friend. Ricky kept following me everywhere. I was like "What do you want little guy?" I looked into his eyes while he was trying to climb on me and I was hooked. I went back the next day, an hour drive, and got him. Was a love story ever since. Thus, the reason for the song "Anything you want, you got." The entire song relates to me and my Ricky-man's relationship.


I want it

This photo at Stevie's and Pee Wee's old place. Ricky was on alert the whole time because they had a german shepherd there. So he stayed "tense" and wanted to be the alpha dog and could not relax. Here in this photo he wants a biscuit just so that Neimo won't get it. Then Ricky would hold on to it and growl at Neimo or anyone who got too close. He had that "bad" side to him I admit, he was no perfect angel. I still loved him to pieces and still took him wherever I went. If he could not go, then I would not go. He was adorable in my eyes no matter what anyone said. My boyfriend hated my dog. Typical, right? LOL


(words to background song) ROY ORBISON You Got It Every time I look into your loving eyes I see a love that money just can't buy One look from you I drift away I pray that you Are here to stay [Chorus:] Anything you want You got it Anything you need You got it Anything at all You got it Baby Every time I hold you I begin to understand Everything about you tells me I'm your man I live my life To be with you No one can do The things you do [Chorus] Anything you want Anything you need Anything at all I'm glad to give my love to you I know you feel the way I do [Chorus] Anything at all You got it


Smily Boy

Ricky was so happy when we moved into the new house. He was 6 years old in this photo. See, he was smiling!!!!!!


My Sweet Love

His face was so adorable and sweet. I miss you so much my sweet little baby......... My life will never be the same. You made me so happy for 13 years and I wish you could have been with me for the rest of my life. I can't wait to hold you again in Heaven.



1997 3 1/2 years old. Ricky was a ham! I found this old photo of him and it made me laugh so hard. He let me dress him up any old way I wanted to because he was my little "girly dog". He was oh so very macho, don't get me wrong, but he loved play time and it seemed his mission to see me happy and hear my laughter. I miss him so much. It has been 8 months now since he went to Rainbow Bridge. If you love animals as much as I do, then you know the deep heartfelt ache inside to miss your best friend. Thank God I loved taking photos, and thank God that Ricky loved being a good boy and did all the posing.


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