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Memorial created 05-5-2007 by
Patty Hotz
May 18 1995 - May 2 2007

In loving memory of our Mandy who we love so much. Mandy was a beauiful Sheltie mix that touched the lives of all who knew her. She was my unconditional friend, unfailing companion and guardian. Mandy had so much depth in her eyes, truly you could see what was most important in this life through her...unconditional love, loyalty, trust, courage and incredible resilence to endure anything. We feel so blessed to have had her in our lives yet painfully miss her so much. We can't get use to not having you here with us Mandy. Bless you baby girl.


What a special girl you smart, so determined, so full of life. It amazes me how many human lives you've touched...all the kids that I worked with just loved you...all the adults loved you too. It still makes me laugh to think about all the people who played frisbee with you and how much better you were at catching a frisbee than they were at throwing it (myself included). How frustating that must have been, but you always brought it back to try again. You and Karen sure made a great team...she could throw, you could catch, I could spectate. I just loved that time together and I know you did too. Frisbee was such a big part of your life. Anytime we were outside, even when you didn't feel well, you would knock your water dish and spin circles until Karen would get your frisbee. You were so good. Remember how your sister and brother would have to involve themselves. Toby, everytime on the first throw would steal the frisbee and prance around like it was a trophy she won. (I know you always let her have it Sweet Girl.) And Peppy playing defense chasing you, running into you, but you never seemed to mind. Eventually you would wear him out and he would resort to half court defense. Thank you so much for letting them be involved. I think you can know that we had to refer to the frisbee as the "F" because hearing the word would get you thinking of nothing else.


As a puppy it was evident how smart you really were. You learned to sit, stay, rollover, give high five, pretty much any trick in the book. Your favorite was playing fetch if that is what you would call it. Really it was catching the fastball and shortly thereafter catching the frisbee. You played frisbee all your life and became quite an act to watch. As a young dog you would flip and spin in the air to catch it and I must say the degree of difficulty was quite impressive. Catching it was not enough for you even when you got older you would do what we called a ground display before catching it. Sometimes spinning two 360's before catching it. What an amazing athlete you were.


It's so hard to imagine life without you. You were absolutely the one consistent personality in the family. How much everyone loves you, how deep you moved us all and the need to feel you by us I don't think will ever go away. Your spirit will live forever in our hearts. We love you so much and miss you more than I could have ever imagined.


You being the reason to get a second sheltie mix. I'll never forget the time I brought you to work and Toby ate the blinds and curtains looking for you. (I never did that again) You two were inseperable. I am so worried about how she'll do without you here.


Such a gentle soul with children. You always loved them so much.


Thankful to Amy Jo for bringing you into our lives. She loves you so much and will miss you dearly too. I know she will hold you forever in her heart.


So much part of the holidays. Inevitably you end up with a bow on your head...a gift..and what an amazing gift you were. You added so much to our lives, not just at Christmas but everyday.


You with your baby brother Peppy. You loved him so much and always tolerated him so gracefully even when he wouldn't give you a break. I know he must miss you so much. You were his play buddy.


Waiting to play frisbee with me?...obviously Peppy's ready for defense! I know if I threw a frisbee to heaven you would catch it. I've thanked your mom for my time with you. Your loving spirit and unselfish nature will live forever in my heart. I miss you dearly good girl. I'll meet you at rainbow bridge, frisbee in hand.


Mandy with her sister Millie

Mandy if only you were able to be with us much happiness you have brought to my sad I feel without you...and how I hope we really can meet at the Rainbow Bridge. I will hold onto that thought because truly it is the only thing that makes me feel any better being without you.


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