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From Yesi - your human sister

Memorial created 05-5-2007 by
April 20 1993 - May 5 2007

I'm the Best Christmas present

In loving memory of our GIGI who we love so much. GIGI will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. You were brought to me when you were only three days old, I fed you during the nights and days until you became old enough, we share trips and days at home but most of all we share love. Now you are gone but you will never leave because you will forever live within me. J.R.


GiGi, como siempre te decia mi gondinflona y mi primojenita , te voy a exrañar mucho y siempre viviras en mi corazon , yo se que tu eres de papi pero yo tambien te quiero mucho, no sabes lo duro que es para mi llegar aqui y no verte y ver tu camita sin ti, ojala que ya estes descansando junto a Diosito, esperanos .



"Daddy What a Big Shou you have" I'm not small, well maybe I'm

It's nice on Mommi's hand....

Is this being taken care of or what?


And it was GOOD

I'd loved it, is there anymore?


nothing like a nap after lunch.


Tha't DIva My Sis we do look alike ha!!

you might not even see me but I'm on the right side of the picture Diva was three month old and looked like me, well she is a rockwiller, can you see me??? we blend.


Yes, Key West and I'm going through a face "I'm convinced I'm a Parrot do not mention the "D" word I might fall off


Key West

See I can do this all day long, but Guys how about a drink?


That's more like it. Who said three was a crowd


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