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Memorial created 05-8-2007 by
Dave Rogers
Kasha Chance
October 0 1992 - May 10 2007

In Memory Of Kasha Chance Kasha Chance, our loyal pet, friend and beloved family member, passed on May 10, 2007. Kasha was born in October, 1992 in Tennessee, on the ranch of country singer, artist and children’s book author Ricky Van Shelton. I guess it is only right she was born on the 150 acre ranch of a native Danville (and Grit), Virginian, near Roanoke where Rod spent his formative years. The ranch held not only her Doberman father and Labrador mother, but also a variety of other dogs and other animals, including a small herd of Beefalo cattle and the Van Shelton’s log home. She was selected once weaned by a friend of Rod’s to give to her father upon his retirement. However, her parents had bought an RV and planned to travel, so Rod was asked to keep her until a new home could be found, since he had a yard. In just a few hours, Rod called his friend to say Kasha (originally named KC – thus Kasha Chance) had a home. Kasha was a friend to everyone she met. She brought joy and happiness to family and friends, and found sunny windows everywhere she lived, including Tennessee, Ohio, Kentucky, Florida and North Carolina. Kasha faithfully fulfilled the ancient covenant between human and K9 by filling the house with love and companionship. She was widely recognized for black shiny flat coat, cold nose, wagging tail, distinctive grin when happy, and a complete disregard for pain or worry. May all learn to live with the dignity and lack of complaint she possessed, even while suffering from chronic ear infections most of her life, deafness and impending blindness from cataracts the last few years, and chronic arthritis that left her with limited control of her lower spine and hips, and extreme difficulty standing at the end. Through it all she carried herself with the dignity and grace of a queen, the selflessness of a loyal, caring and true friend, more concerned about the well being of her masters and the happiness of those around her than herself. Kasha was by our side through the dark times, shared our joy through the great times, and was proof positive that dogs are good for the soul. She also trained the rest of the pets in the household better than any dog or cat whisperer could ever have done.

Our world was made joyful with beautiful dark hair punctuated by a wagging tail. Objects sailed tracked by grace and a beautiful fleet of foot in her younger days, returning them from whence they came. Keen eyes and sense of smell made daylight out of darkness. She even ran off robbers while in Kentucky. Her afternoon paw twitching on foot demonstrated sleep was the time to chase rabbits.

Rain and baths, dreaded by many canines, became the dance that led to towel and hands. There was no such thing as a bad day - only a day where ball is played indoors because humans are made of salt. Anytime was a good time for a cookie (dog biscuit). She was a beloved, friend, companion, and champion of the house whirling circles in anticipation of playtime; getting all of her sisters back in line with a single bark. Typical of her selflessness throughout her life, she continued through her pain and difficulties late in life until we were ready to accept it, and only then felt ready to let us go on without her.

The last ball has been thrown, the last cookie distributed. K.C. - you will be deeply missed but never forgotten.

Best Friends

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