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Memorial created 05-8-2007 by
tracy fremming
May 6 2007

In loving memory of our Boone who we love so much. Boone will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. This is Boone's unique way of lying when he needs to cool down after a hard day of chasing chipmunks, flys and anything else that moved. He was pure joy to have around. He was so happy and brought a smile to your face, even when he showed up at the door with mud from head to toe.


What Boone loved the most was to be running outside, rain or shine. He loved to dig huge holes hoping to one day caught that chipmunk. He loved to be around his family and nap under the end table each night. He loved to get all muddy then show up at the door like nothing was wrong after he just got 2 baths that day already. He loved to run with the horses and bark when they ran. His favorite thing to do was spend 2 hours scurring around the brush pile hoping for a rabbit. He was our first dog together and will be greatly missed and always loved and remembered. Boone, I hope Heaven is full of brush piles, chipmunks and dirty mud puddles for you. Take care of Cody, Jo Jo and Dusty.


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