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Memorial created 05-9-2007 by
wendy dennis
December 27 1998 - May 2 2007


In loving memory of our Tabitha who we love so much. Tabitha will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. Tabby was the best dog you can ask for.. She was a very intellegant girl. I miss her so much and i am happy to know that she was loved not just by me but by my family and relatives as well as the neighborhood. She will be greatly missed and loved forever...


2006 Christmas Tabby enjoyed opening her presents

She always loved Christmas... Santa would bring her so much and she would enjoy it all. She thought everything belonged to her...


Tabby always loved the snow.

Tabby sure loved being out in the snow. She Blew out both of her ACL'S in june and october of 2005. she has 2 surgeries. Tabby's death came all of a sudden and I will never forget that horrified day. I came home from work and she was laying in the driveway. i went out and carried her to my car, the whole time i had her in my arms her tail was wagging. when I got to the vets she was there for about an hour and she went into cardiac arrest and they just couldn't save her. they found that she had fluid around her heart. they suggest that she had a ruptured spline that caused a blood vessel to her heart to rupture. I miss her greatly.


What a beautiful dog

I have had Tabby since she was 7 weeks old.she passed away when she was 8 years old.. I am honored to say that I was previleged to have had her as my dog. Who says money cannot buy you love. whoever said that never has owned a pet, because there love is unconditional.


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